What happens to GFC followers when you move over from blogger?

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    I’ve been using WordPress for a while now and I love it. I want to transfer my old blog over to here and start it up again. I know you cant use GFC on wordpress.com which doesn’t bother me, but what happens to the people who were/are following via GFC on the blog you want to import over?



    As I understand it, any blog you import into another account is just transferring the posts and information you’ve made, no one subscribing to your other blog will be transferred to WordPress, they’d have to subscribe again.

    Essentially you’d be starting from scratch.



    Yes that’s correct.



    Many people will make a Post or three at their old site reminding the faithful that they have moved and they need to subscribe again – you could post a summery of your new Post with a link to your new site a time or three (the ones that subscribed to the new site would then get two emails so you might want to be careful about the extra emails)


    You can use GFC on WP self hosted, why can’t you use it on WP.com?
    All you have to do is build a widget for it, I bet I could do it.

    I wrote this up for people who have a self hosted WP, but I bet it would work with WP.com as well: http://stuckathomemom.com/lifeandothermyths/blog/how-to-move-blogger-followers-to-wordpress-google-friend-connect

    I’ll test it out in a minute.



    WordPress.com strips out a lot of code because of security. That code is javascript, and it will never work here.

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