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What happens to likes & followers when you import/export or redirect your blog?

  1. Hi --

    We have 3 related blogs:


    We would like to merge these all into the first blog ( I have tested this out using's import/export functionality in a separate test blog (4th blog) and have worked out the kinks for fixing URL links etc.

    We are also contemplating buying the site redirect upgrade to automatically direct traffic from and to their new homes.

    What happens to the likes and followers for those two blogs? Will the import/export or the site redirect automatically migrate them as well?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can ask a WordPress staff to redirect all of your followers.
    I will tag this thread for staff attention, but due to the fact that WordPress has a bug right now, the staff may not be able to transfer right away. :)

  3. Hi tennisfilmproduction --

    Thanks for the quick reply. Does that redirect work for both followers and "likes"? That is, if 10 people "liked" one of the posts on the old blog, will those get transferred to the new blog?



  4. Likes are still a feature, but I can transfer your email followers if you have Jetpack installed and activated.

  5. Hi @macmanx --

    Thanks for your help. All of our blogs are hosted, so I don't think Jetpack is needed. We've simplified things a bit since my original post I think:

    I have created a new blog:


    and imported all of the content from the following 3 blogs:


    We would like all of the likes and followers (and, if possible, anything else that isn't included in a WP XML export file) from blogs B, C and D to be redirected to blog A (

    We are ready to do that migration now -- is there anything more you need from us?

    Thank you in advance for your help.


  6. I have transferred your followers as requested, but we currently do not have a way to transfer Likes.

  7. Hi @macmanx -- thanks for doing the transfer!

  8. You're welcome!

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