What happens to ‘manual menu’s’ if I change theme?

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    I write about greenie and peak oil issues, and now think nuclear power is a major solution to our energy security needs. I just wish I could change the page URL so it wasn’t a subpage under “alternative energy”,. and that the url just came up as blog/nuclear rather than blog/alternative-energy/nuclear.

    Rather than having 7 main title-pages all with subpages, I wish I had only about 4 ‘title’ pages (Showing up in my top navigation bar) and then NO subpages, but individual ‘silent’ pages that I could link to from my 4 ‘title’ pages as the whim takes me, such as nuclear not forever being labelled an ‘alternative energy’ by being a subpage of that.


    1. How do I post pages ‘invisibly’ without their URL LINKS coming up on the top navigation bar, so that I can link to them from my 4 main pages which I DO want on the navigation bar?
    2. How do I then control the sidebar pages menus?
    3. If I create manual menus on the sidebars, how do I save them if I later decide to change the theme?

    The blog I need help with is eclipsenow.wordpress.com.


    1. You delete their title. In a few themes you can exclude individual pages. In a few other themes you can now create a custom top nav menu. See here for more:

    2. If “control” means excluding, you write the page ID in the Exclude box of the Pages widget.

    3. When you change to a similarly designed theme the widgets remain in place. Otherwise they move to “Inactive” and you drag them back to “Sidebar”.



    Thanks so much for that, I’ve been playing with some of these concepts and I think I can see a way ahead.

    One clarifier: if my theme (Twenty Ten) only has room for 1 custom menu in the primary area (which seems to cover the TOP navigation menu) how do I get the most flexibility from the side menu?

    Specifically, I’m keen to find out if the side navigation bar can have the ‘look’ of subpages added in manually, but without them actually being subpages.

    Remember, because my overall argument seems to be changing, it’s like I want maybe 5 “Title” pages at the top for easy clicking but without the drop-down menus that comes with having “Child” pages, because the child pages would be locked into that particular title page, url, and position in my argument forever.

    I want the flexibility to move the “sub” pages around…

    If there’s only room for one “Custom Menu”, should I just put a text-note on the sidebar and manually code in the pages the way I want them?


    “I’m keen to find out if the side navigation bar can have the ‘look’ of subpages added in manually, but without them actually being subpages.”

    You can use a text widget. You’ll need coding for links and coding for nested lists. If you’re not familiar with those, see here:



    Pleasure doing business with you.

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