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What happens to my blog if Domain Mapping lapses?

  1. If I die tomorrow and the annual domain mapping fee to WP does not get paid, what happens to my blog and all its content? Does it cease to be visible to the public? Is the whole thing deleted? Are there measures I can take in advance to ensure the blog's content continues online as a reference source? (The name is registered with Godaddy since WP did not offer the privacy option when I acquired it.)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All of the links will be broken. Every URL to every post and page that have been indexed by search engines and appear in search results will lead to a 404 (page not found). The blog will still be there and all post and page URLs will revert to the root blog URLs and will have to all be reindexed again by search engines like Google. I do NOT recommend not renewing your domain name and domain mapping.

  3. The blog and contents are safe - the domain name would revert to whatever the base blog was that the Domain Mapping was for. The name that people type in to visit your site and the search engine links would be broken. You can set the Domain Mapping to auto renew with your credit card - works until your heirs turn your credit card off. Not sure if Godaddy has an auto-renew option.

    If you have intellectual property best to put it in your will and give it to someone along with the passwords, email locations etc. and task them with the responsibility to maintain at least the name registration and mapping.

    You can also pay ahead with the Domain Mapping and Registration so it would be several years before the mapping or registration needed to be paid again.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  4. Morning TT ~~

  5. Thanks to both - those are the facts I need. Shrewd advice about tasking an heir in my will to maintain the site for posterity!!!

    Mind you, I guess the whole site would exist in the archive at Wayback Machine...

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