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What happens to my current blog if I transfer to another blog?

  1. I looked for this answer in and It looks like I have the option to keep it, but would it just be an empty blog? What if I still want to use it? What happens if I purchase redirect?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Keep it. Just transfer the contents, don't do the "name change' thing, which as I understand it always involves deleting the URL you're leaving.

    When you Export content, it just duplicates the content, it doesn't delete it. So we suggest you set the original blog as Private. That way you can use it as a test site for Themes, etc.

  3. Interesting. I just want to confirm what you mean:

    1. Export all my stuff!
    2. Instead of 'changing blog address' option, I can create a new blog domain (under Settings > Domains in my Dashboard).
    3. Then import ALL the things to the NEW blog domain?
    4. My original blog was stay the same?

  4. Wait, sorry I wrote Domains, but I think step 2 is more like: Create new blog in my blog section. THEN, import all the things I exported to the new blog.

  5. Yes, that's right. Create a whole new blog. Otherwise you lose one.

  6. Thanks! I will try this out when I decide on a new name :) Thanks again!

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