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What happens to my custom menu if I change themes?

  1. Currently using a theme with custom menus.

    I want to change the theme, but I'm afraid to because I don't want to lose my custom menu.

    Wondering if I were to select a new theme that supports custom menus if my menus will stay as is or if I'd need to reconstruct?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your custom menus will remain just as you had them in your old theme.

    Here is a tip, if you are thinking about changing to a new theme but are not sure which (or even if you know which one but are uncertain how the new theme will look with your posts or how things will work), then why not start a private test blog?

    You can export your live blog then import it into your private test blog. When you want to try a new theme, then only you will be looking at it while your readers continue to enjoy your "real" blog.

  3. loveantoinette

    How do I export my live blog into a private test blog?

  4. Don't hijack unrelated threads. Do a search of the forum for the answer.

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