What happens to my PR if I export my WordPress.com blog to WordPress.org?

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    I want to move my blog to WordPress.org and use the import/export function. I don’t wanna use domain mapping as it’s going to be an extra cost for me, I just wanna start a new site and bring my old posts with me. But what happens to my backlinks and PR? will that follow me in my new address?

    Also, what about the issue of duplicate content? won’t my new site (or old site) be penalized because of duplicate contents?

    The blog I need help with is chelltan.wordpress.com.


    Unless you pay for the offsite redirect upgrade, you start over again at absolute zero. Every thing you have built up stays with the blog here.


    Here is the link to the site redirect page.


    I should also say that even with the upgrade, your new site will be at zero, but since the old site has the redirect, all traffic will be redirected, and since it is a 301 redirect, the search engines will know it is a permanent move and will move the PR over to the new site, probably within 3 months.

    Links from other sites will of course redirect for one year, but you need to search all those out and get them to change them to the new site URL.



    so how is redirect different from domain mapping? is it safe to say that I won’t need the redirect after three months, when the PR would have been moved to the new site already?

    thank you for your time


    Domain mapping is designed to put your own domain name that you have registered onto your blog hosted here so that instead of myblog.wordpress.com as the URL, it will appear under mydomain.com. It is mapping your domain name to your blog here.

    The redirect upgrade redirects any traffic that comes to myblog.wordpress.COM to your new .ORG self-hosted blog.



    ah, of course :) it gets confusing sometimes. thanks for your time


    You are welcome.

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