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What happens to the redirect when I let the old domain name expire?

  1. garynealhansen

    Dear Happiness Engineers:

    I purchased the redirect upgrade so that people visiting my old blog ( would now find my new blog ( The old url will expire in a couple weeks. At that point do I just leave the redirect in place? Or do I move it to the non-expiring url (

    I guess I don't know if someone searching for AFTER it expires will get a message that the domain is defunct, or whether they would still get redirected to the new blog. If that is the case it seems best to leave the redirect order in place even after expiration.

    On the other hand, if they search for the defunct URL, would they typically find instead the non-expiring ( version of the same site? If that is the case it seems best to move the redirect order after expiration.

    Sorry to pester you. I've searched your site for this, but if it is there it is described in a way that exceeds my skill level.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Gary,

    Once the domain name expires, you are correct, if people visit that domain they will get an error, they will not land on; that site will continue to be accessible though, at

    If you let the domain expire and keep the redirect, the redirect will continue to work, but only with, and not with

    I hope that clarifies things. Let me know what you'd like to do, and I'll help you if you need it.

  3. garynealhansen

    Thanks very much.

    It sounds like my best option is to wait until the old domain expires and switch it to the site -- since it sounds like with or without the redirect on the domain anyone going there would get an error. (Please correct me if I'm wrong...)

    I don't have a ton of hits on the old blog, and all content and subscribers have been moved. I'm just hoping not to miss anyone -- and I do have a couple early posts that for some reason keep getting hits now and again.

  4. Hi withgiants,

    since it sounds like with or without the redirect on the domain anyone going there would get an error.

    That's correct, once the domain expires, then any links to the domain will stop working (and it will eventually become available for someone else to register). Like I said though, you can keep the redirect on if you'd like, as that will still point people to for people who go to; you don't have to do anything special though, that redirect will continue to work without you doing anything.

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