What happens to the RSS Feed with a domain upgrade?

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    Hello everyone!

    I have recently purchased a domain upgrade (registration and mapping). I’ve been searching the forums but can’t find a thread that will answer my queries. I understand that redirects come with the upgrade however, I would like to be clarified on certain points:

    1. Since the domain name is changed, is it imperative to change the RSS feed address? For example, “http://example.wordpress.com/feed” to “http://example.com/feed.” Is there a redirect from the old wordpress.com domain to the custom domain when it comes to feeds?

    2. Will feed readers be affected by the domain name upgrade? Should I notify my readers to change my feed to that bearing the new domain name?

    My wordpress.com blog is at http://scribesexpress.wordpress.com while the upgraded domain is http://whatreciswrites.com

    Any clarifications/discussions will be appreciated. Thanks so much for your help!


    The blog I need help with is whatreciswrites.com.


    1. If someone enters the old feed, it will redirect to the new feed address, but if you have “burned” your feed somewhere else like feedburner, etc., then I would definitely suggest changing it.

    2. As in 1 above, it will automatically redirect for anyone that has bookmarked or subscribed to your feed.



    Hi thesacredpath!

    Thanks very much for your clarifications!


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