What Happens When I change my Blog's "Appearance"?

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    I am thinking about changing my blog’s appearance so that I have two or three columns. I currently have “Manifest,” which doesn’t allow headers / Columns. If I change my appearance to, say, “Publish,” will all of my existing posts be simply moved to the new format?

    The blog I need help with is jackniewoldsblog.wordpress.com.



    At WordPress.com, most themes with more than one column don’t add content columns: they add sidebar columns. An example is Fjord, which has one narrow content column and three sidebars on the right. It’s ridiculous. There are, however, a very few themes with more than one content column. If you choose one of those, your content is smoothly formatted into the new width etc, but you may have to edit posts with images and embeds if you go from a theme that is wider to one that is narrower.



    A theme is largely a set of styling rules that tell browsers how to display your content: the content itself is independent of those rules. When you switch to a different theme, the posts don’t “move” anywhere: they just acquire a different appearance. It’s like changing the fonts, the colors and the margins in a Word document: it’ll still be the same document, the same content, just with a new look.

    PS Manifest does support a header image.


    Thanks, raincoaster and justpi. For the time being I’m going to hang in there with Manifest. Justpi, you say that Manifest supports a header image. Well, I uploaded a photo to see what it looked like, and it’s nowhere to be seen. I’m beginning to think this is the new normal. I did get an arch note that my image would be bouncing around the blogosphere where it would be seen by others. That’s great, but I only wanted it at the top of my blog. BTW, does it appear above the column, or beside it? (That is, IF and WHEN it appears.)



    You’re welcome.

    Where did you upload the photo? For a header image, the photo must be uploaded in Appearance > Header.
    When you do that, the photo will appear between the top menu and the tagline.

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