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What happens when I delete a blog

  1. There are a lot of warnings posted about deleting a blog and the domain never being available again. Can someone help me? I've been looking for solutions via google searches, here in forums, trying to contact support, etc, and it is still not clear.

    The last time I tried to post to the forums, the topic was closed before it ever posted to be viewed.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You say you are looking to solutions. What is the issue you are looking to solve? Deleted blogs stay deleted. There is no question about that or "solution" to it. If you don't want your blog to be deleted forever, do not delete it.

  3. That's the problem. When I am specific in what I write here, the topic is suddenly closed. I saw someone post a similar question under someone else's topic and THAT topic got closed, too.

    My best guess is that WordPress is monitering because of their own monetizing hosting efforts with wordpress premium AND, so the shut down alternatives.

  4. Nobody can answer a specific question if you won't ask it.

    When you delete a blog its content is gone from, media and all. Neither you nor anyone else can ever use that URL again. You can't get an export file after the blog is deleted. If it had upgrades, they're gone too and can't be transferred or refunded.

    Deleting a blog does NOT erase the content from search engines, and if that is the goal, it is faster to set the blog to Private. Search engines pick up on that faster.

    I can't think of any other questions around the deletion process.

  5. I will try again. Testing.

    I started a second blog here ( I know I can pay to have that become ( But, I found another route I want to go. When I try to delete the blog, I get all kinds of warnings that the name can never be used again. I see others about names expiring and becoming available later.

    I want to delete the blog and free up the

  6. I am not trying to be difficult here, honest, but it seems like you are stonewalling. There are those of us who screwed up, in spite of all the warnings, and would really like to have our domain names back. Personally, and frankly, you seem to be overly concerned about the potential legal issues involved. Is it really such a risk? We will end up paying for your services -- why are you turning away potential customers?

    Respectfully meant!

  7. Clarification: "raincoaster", I just belatedly realizing that I responded to your post as if you were WordPress, not a WordPress user. So let me amend my prior post: As a member, how would you recommend we approach the company to consider changing its policy? Thanks!

  8. is that directed to me or to wordpress?

  9. gotcha. these messages don't update fast enough.

  10. would you recommend we approach the company to consider changing its policy? Thanks!

    I believe WordPress is in its third capitalization phase, so you could invest, and become a partner of some kind. Or wait until WordPress is either bought by a publicly-traded company, or becomes one itself, and buy a lot of shares.

    That's it.

    Your question has been asked, and answered the same way for the 6.5-years I've been here. There are warnings, if you don't heed them, it really is your fault.

  11. Thanks. I do get it.

  12. Holy hell, are you just asking how you ask to change the policy? Why didn't you just say so? Really, this has been a waste of my time.

    You put it in the Ideas forum. Or you email support at wordpress dot com.

    And you don't hold your breath. I'm sure they know that a lot of people would like this changed, but they have taken a very firm policy stance against it. This has been in effect for the seven years I've been here; to expect it to change now just because you ask, or to expect that it's SUDDENLY popped up because of a funding round, is naive.

  13. And you stop creating multiple threads on the topic.

  14. Well see, after I opened the blog (, suddenly the domain name for .com was not available to purchase elsewhere. So I thought if I delete the blog here, the .com would be available again...

    I looked everywhere for info, I tried posting this more succinctly and WordPress seemed to have censored me, and I saw evidence the same had happened to others.

    Didn't know it was such a touchy subject. But, it's funny that the info about this is not clear and instead fear-laden with never having access to the name again if you delete the blog, and never having access to the .com with WordPress or elsewhere.

    Obviously, some copy needs to be written or edited to clarify this if people have been asking the sand questions for 6.5-7 years.

  15. *same, not sand

  16. @rajshreelekha
    If you delete your mapped blog, then that name will be gone forever. The domain name you paid for will still be available. You'll need to reconfigure it to use it on another site.

  17. But, it's funny that the info about this is not clear...

    The steps necessary to delete your blog:

    1. Click into Dashboard
    2. Select Tools
    3. Select Delete Site
    4. Read:

    What is your goal?
    Did you know that deleting a site removes both the site name and the content forever? Chances are pretty good that there's a better solution.
    Please review the options below and make sure you've selected the one that best fits your need.

    5. Select "Permanently delete the site and all content" option from drop down menu
    6. Read:

    Permanently delete the site and all content
    Please read carefully. You are trying to permanently delete
    If you do not want to exist any more, you can delete it. This CAN NOT be undone. It is permanent.
    All of your posts and data, and this site's address ( will be gone forever.

    7. Click:

    If you are sure...
    I want to permanently remove and I am aware I can never get its content or its address back.

    8. Click "Delete"
    9. Email confirmation from WordPress
    10. You confirm
    11. Blog deleted

    Which part of the 11-step process to delete a blog, rajshreelekha, do you find confusing?

  18. If by deleting the blog you hope somehow to free up the domain, you are mistaken. That does not happen. If someone has already bought the domain, you simply can't get it whether you're hosted here or elsewhere.

  19. Actually, nobody else owns the .com - this I can say with absolute certainty because of the uniqueness of the name. And with this account, I have a second blog and that's the one in question (I've marked it private at this point, zero content).

    I'm suggesting that WordPress reserved rights to the common extensions. I cannot say so for certain. It seems so. So if I delete that blog completely, I know I can never have the blog name again. But I would do so only if the .com would be released.

    There's a lot of conjecture and learning from trial/error and intuiting going on in forums. When WordPress does proceed on to their next level of funding, I truly hope that having someone to actually talk to might be addressed. This is easily the most frustrating forums I've been in.

  20. No, WordPress does not do that. Can you imagine the cost to them? They sell the names for $5 a year; there is simply no way this would make sense. What's probably happening is some opportunist is watching for newly-registered blogs and scooping up those domains hoping to get an offer from the bloggers. Find out who owns the domain via Whois or some other tool, and see if he'll sell to you.

    The average response time in internet forums is more than fourteen hours. That you don't like the answers you've gotten is not something that reflects poorly on the forum as an answering mechanism, particularly since you didn't ask the question up-front and left us to guess.

  21. Do you own these forums? Your time is quite condescending at times. Perhaps you mean to be direct. Careful of your word choices.

    As I stated before, I DID ask the question outright and the topic was closed before the question was posted. I did see the topic closed for others with similar questions in comments of others topics - no answer but the topic was immediately closed thereafter. I was cautious this time and got my questions in later after beginning vague - by design.

    Thanks for the info on finding someone else who might be the owner. I looked there already and no owner was listed. After deleting the blog, I was able to purchase the .com today. Coincidence? Maybe.

  22. The metrics to a good forum, IMHO, include response time but are not limited to such. Other factors are searchability, knowledge of members, expert (so to speak) monitors, and positive/helpful attitude of members. Searching is not easy. Wealth if knowledge it seems! - That's a plus. Not seen any moniters. I have though seen antagonistic and rude responses, at best seen as condescending, demeaning and irritated.

    Maybe, since this a techy group, removing my profile pic to something more gender neutral would help. Not certain that's all that's going on here though.

    At any rate. My problem is solved. Thank you, all!

  23. Are you accusing me of sexism? Perhaps you should check your privilege.

  24. You can hardly complain that the forum didn't answer your question when you refused to ask the question. Once you asked it, the question was answered.

  25. You seem to be taking ownership of my response and this thread. My remarks are meant generally, not only toward you.

    (To complete the rhetoric on the issue: The second anyone indicates the existence of privilege means that they are subscribing to the existence of the ism in question. If someone truly believes the one, then they are also admitting their subscription to the other. Please notice the generalities. I'm not accusing you, and you might be served to take things less personally.)

    For the solutions, I thanked the commenters, including you. My assessment of the metrics for forums stands.

    Have a great day!

  26. You too, sweetheart.

  27. Just an observation on domain names - I doubt that someone is grabbing .COM names based on someone starting a blog here -

    I doubt that you are the only one with your name -

    for WordPress.COM to play that game would be a very bad business model for two reasons -

    1) cost - with thousands of blogs being created here each day it would just cost too much money

    2) as soon as that leaked out there would be a very bad backlash against the company and the company's ethics would be questioned

    There are many squatters that grab domain names in hopes of making money - some grab name that have been in use and the renewal gets messed up - others grab common names - such as towns - ran into the town thing a couple of years back - was helping a friend set up a history site about the area around a town - the town name was squatted on and had been for several years - and the town only has maybe 50 people living in it

    Many people get a domain name with great plans and then the plans go away when they find out that what they wanted to do is like real work -

  28. Well, whatever the case is, once I deleted the blog here, the .com became available and I took it. Consider that. The name was absolutely unique - whole thing is fishy.

    cost, bad business practice, squatters... whatever is going on, who knows? If we could actually talk to WordPress maybe we could rule them out. Not sure if the thing has changed anything. It's all speculation.

    anyway, like I said, this issue for me has been solved. If any further topic comes from it, then a thread dedicated to that alone may be helpful.

    Thanks for your input.

  29. please note: it is not the in question here.

  30. @rajshreelekha
    This thread has been ridiculous waste of valuable Volunteer time that resulted from you not being forthcoming from the outset. IMNHO You were the only one who was "fishy" and sneaky.

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