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    I’m moving my blog to a self-hosted site (www.myjourneytome.net) and will be using wordpress.org. I’ve read the export/import instructions on how to move the blog and feel confident that I can do the move myself.
    Question: when I do the export will the posts, etc on my current blog still be accessible to my readers? Will they still see the old blog or will it disappear? I’m in the design phase of the http://www.myjourneytome.net site now and want to test designs using my current blog posts before it goes “live”.

    Thank you for your help!

    The blog I need help with is myjourneytome-thediscovery.com.



    Exporting from a blog does not change or delete anything on the blog you are exporting from. Your blog will still be as it was, your visitors will not see any difference after you do an export.

    The only reason a visitor would not see or be able to visit your blog is if you delete it or set it to Private.

    Some people do regular exports as part of a backup process to make sure the text is saved.


    Thank you for your quick and very helpful response!

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