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What happens with my blog ? :/

  1. Hello,

    First, I need to say that I'm french and in the french forums, nobody answer instead of here I suppose...

    I don't know what happens with my blog. The widget side bar is on the down I don't know why ? It happens suddenly, I don't touch anything. Go see by yourself, you will understand better :

    If someone could help me, I will be grateful. Thx.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. HI, I just looked at your blog, and your side bar is on the right side. Everything looks normal to me. My browser is Opera.

  3. pornstarbabylon

    I'm on Firefox 3.5.5. and it's fine. Maybe the slide show you have from is pushing your sidebar to the bottom. They usually say clear cookies, cache, and history and check again which sometimes works.

  4. It's weird... My friend have tried with his Iphone and it looks ok like you. I don't know why my sidebar is on the down with my computer. oO

  5. Ok I've found... Zoom => ++

    lol sorry and thanks for the answers.

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