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What has happened to the wordpress site

  1. wow, i go out for 2 hours and all heck breaks loose!

  2. I´ve tried to help a swedish blogger with this daschboard problem, missing stuffs ie. in Mistylook , before I found this topic.

    What happend to me, when I logged in to my account with a different theme, was that I got a secure message said something like
    You have tried to connect to a server but the certificate belongs to Someone my try to lissen to you or mess with you.
    Inform the adminstrator

    Don´t know if this has something to do with the problems, though I could log in

  3. I'm working on this, can you see your admin bar now?

  4. No sorry!

  5. Me neither: I can see it here, but not on any blogs.

  6. abookinthelife - what url are you looking at? What browser are you using? Try a hard refresh with shift-reload, or close/open your browser. The old bar may still be cached.

  7. All is 100% fine for me now.

  8. abookinthelife

    I am using IE. I have gone into Intenet Options and cleared everything from there, shut down all my windows etc. Ho hum! What is a hard refresh with shift-reload!?

  9. In IE that'd be ctrl-reload, at least according to Google it is anyway.

    raincoaster - glad to hear it!

  10. I'm happy to inform you that everything is back to normal. Thanks!

  11. I'm getting the same thing... when I view my site from the dashboard, above the site is merely a grey field, no blue admin options. I've logged out, closed the browser, and opened a new one, yet nothing. It still isn't there. *sigh*

  12. You need to do what's been suggested in this thread. Do a hard refresh. On a PC, it's a CTRL-F5. Also clearing out your browser's cache would be helpful.

  13. drmike, cool as always...

    Yes, it did help to clear the cache.

  14. Very glad I've been too swamped to blog --didn't see/deal with this prob, yet got to see ways around it, thanks to those who posted.

    Though I don't get: how could a Feedback be sent --if the blue bar was missing?

    Why doesn't the blue bar appear above the Forum any more? I liked that, it was very useful, could it be brought back? How many Feedback requests would it take?

  15. The blue bar being referred to by the other bloggers in this thread is the navigation bar at the top of all blogs. Some bloggers had a problem with theirs early this morning. Most bloggers did not have a problem. And the situation was resolved by staff earlier today.

  16. Oddly enough, I've logged out, cleared out cookies and temporary files, hard refreshed, booted down and back up... all multiple times, and i'm still missing the blue navigation bar.

    it's frustrating b/c while it's not my fault it disappeared, i'm sure there is a high amount of user error in my inability to get it back.


  17. Have you sent a feedback? Seems like you need more help than we can give here in the volunteer help forums.

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