What has happened?

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    What has happened to the old interface? This new one is ghastly with its icons and its big writing. can I revert back to the old one, please!!??


    I mean the icons are light grey and give a disjointed effect. Horrid. The menu is blackened out with blue writing. And it appears all cluncky with big boxes. Just aweful.




    It takes some time to get used to- like whenever Facebook changes their look- (for the thousandth time) or when someone changes their blog theme. It’s not bad, it’s just different and takes a little getting used to. Give it a chance? After all, when you started blogging I’m sure at first you thought it was hard work and maybe not even worth it! Anyway, the link I put up was one where the support answers the question about how they redesigned the site.


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    For what its worth I like it



    It looks ok but I am not sure why WP think that we all need that larger font. The old design with the smaller font was better but it’s not about PC users and everything is being redesigned for tablets. I dread the day when it will no longer be possible to add a new post in the PC format as everyone is forced down the tablet route!



    I was ask about the changes early on – and I like the easier to read fonts, more contrast and larger size – I am on a PC by the way

    I picked my theme in part based on the font size and color – large font with dark color



    I agree that your theme looks good.

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