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What have I Paid for?

  1. I work for a business that has had a wordpress website for a few months. The guy that ran the site before me was let go and has decided to not be very helpful. However, I do have access to the site as admin but had to create a seperate account to post here in the forum because the login info i was given only works on our webpage and not at I am still learning the ins and outs of managing the website but the main thing my boss wants to know is what he's paid for. Have we paid for No Ads? Our URL is .com so we obviously paid for that but the ex employee wants compensation for what he's paid for (He claims well over $200). Is it possible to view your account in such a way that you can tell what you are subscribed to? Any help is greatly appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please post an active link starting with http:// to the exact blog in question.

    if you are referring to a free hosted blog and not to a install the bottom line is that when we register a username account here we provide an email address that becomes our unique identifier.

    Blogs belong to their owners. Staff will not turn over a blog that was created by another person to you, unless that person chooses to transfer the blog to you by using this process >

    Have we paid for No Ads?

    Only the Admin of the blog who registered it and who owns it can access this page > Store > My Upgrades

    When you provide the URL then can begin to help you sort this.

  3. Is Hosted by HostGator

    I'm sorry but that's not a free hosted blog and we cannot help you with it at all.

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