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What I want to do.

  1. I like wordpress sofar. But one thing is bugging me. I need multipage support. I know that already exists. This a screenshot of my page.

    Pages and Blogroll are OK. But strech the page too much if add like 100 pages. Can I just remove Blogroll and Pages. And add numbers with arrows like in my hypathetical screen shot.


  2. are you using a blog or a wp theme downloaded from if it's the latter, you should be here . i never use this theme since i changed it from the beginning of the blog, so i've never seen page numbers like how you showed in the picture, so i don't think it's possible, unless it can be done with css.

    to remove blogroll and pages, you can do so by removing the widgets.

    i'm curious why do you need to add so many pages. 100??

  3. It came with my hosting provider 2.0.2. I'm not using a theme. I'm using the default whatever came with the software. That's why I asked if I could make it look like like the picture. That picture is the default skin. I just added the numbers to show how I wanted it to look. The numbers don't even exists. That's why I was just asked if I ccould.

    As for the pages. I just want to add multiple things. I don't want to limit my self to one topic and 1 really long huge page. I want to add lots of short storeis or whatever.


  4. You'll need to ask over at We've got different software here and can't help you with the answers.

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