What if I want to customize a theme?

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    Im new to wordpress.com, I found no information on limitation of having a weblog here,

    can someone please tell me :

    1) can I customize the look like changeing a picture?
    2) can I expot my weblog if I decide to move to a paid host?


    1. No. With the following two exceptions (which are still extremely limited): kubrick can be color-manipulated; regulus has a variety of headers/color-themes.

    2. No. Not at this time.



    Those in the know have stated previously that both these requests are being worked on right now, and will be vailable in the future.



    well I was trying to put some inline css but wordpress cleaned up before saving it :)

    It also replaced &nbsp to nothing. Im just trying to give a special format to some part of my post like codes. Anyway, I dont think I start my new weblog here, thankx for replying.


    Yeah, picturenet…. but could be a LONG TIME COMING.

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