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What info goes with the CNAME entry?

  1. I'm trying to add a CNAME as the last step to connect my website to an existing domain. I've found the Edit DNS where you do this but don't know what goes into the CNAME<subdomain><domain> fields. When I enter what I've guessed goes here - CNAME<www><> I get this error message: 1. CNAME records should be "CNAME <subdomain> <domain>". No wildcards (*).

    I want to keep using my but for a non-wordpress site at IM Creator.

    Please help! Am so non techie!

  2. Hi. What is the exact CNAME record you are trying to add?

  3. Hi, and thanks so much. This is what I don't know. I purchased from WordPress when signing up with Now I have a site elsewhere that I want to use for. I was sent these directions by my new host and did everything down to the last step of changing the CNAME. Now I'm stuck. What do you think?

  4. If all you want is to use a domain name you purchased from as the new address for a website hosted elsewhere, what you normally need to do is change the nameservers, like this.
    I suggest you show this link to your hosting provider and see what they say.

    I never heard of using Google Apps in that aspect.

  5. hmm, okay. seems I'm running in circles. Do the nameservers come from my new hosting provider? Or are they obvious (ie, NS1.WORDPRESS etc)? Thanks again for your help!

  6. Also just in case, what is my CNAME? What do I put in this: CNAME<subdomain><domain> ??

  7. The name server information should come from your new host - not always obvious even with small hosts - but the hosts should give you that info.

    Normally all that happens is that your new host sets up their site with your new domain name and then you point the name-server info to your new host - the pointing is done where the domain is registered -

    Think of the name-server info as the address of an office building where your office is (domain name) is hosted - the office building has an entrance with your office number but you need to tell someone where the building is. (sorry getting late)

  8. just tried putting their nameservers in so we'll see! Thanks SO much.

  9. You can watch your name-servers etc change across the internet here:

    It can take 24 to 72 hours for changes to migrate across the internet - usually changes start sooner but you will probably be the last one to see your new site because of local caching by places like your ISP

  10. Okay, back to the CNAME. Can you please tell me what it should look like to point to

    My site is So is it one of these or something else:

    CNAME www

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