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What inspired you today or made you smile

  1. I smiled when i woke up and saw i had 8 comments waiting and since im new it made today a great day. Tell me about yours

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My neighbor's little girl feeding wildbirds made me grin from ear to ear.

  3. My dad tripped over the dog and dropped his sandwich on the floor.

  4. Nothing so far... argued with my boyfriend last night and he's still not talking to me so I've come to WP to be cheered up.

  5. Making my way onto Eurostar and back to England....coming out of the eurotunnel and seeing the sunrise of England. Beautiful!

  6. My hours at work got reduced today, so I have more time to recover from my hangover :D

  7. My mum just tripped over the dog, I literally couldn't contain myself. I almosted wee'd.

  8. lol, I think Pete's dad tripping over the dog and dropping his sandwich might have been my third smile today, lol

    The man brings you KFC, and this is what you think of him!!?? lol

  9. my dad, mom and my girlfriend C=

  10. Good job he didn't drop the KFC otherwise there would be no smiles!

  11. found a penny on the sidewalk and also this very cool free association shamanic poetry stuff on facebook. :)

    (pete, i totally held it all the way on a 2 hour transit the other night. Just to tumble in the street face first a few houses in front of mine. yeah. that outcome was classy i tellya.)

  12. Hahaha :) Falling over is funny!

  13. Talking to a psychologist who is about to start a study of people who have an adult 'baby' fetish (people who dress and act like babies for sexual pleasure). Just too weird! But it conjures up some amusing images in my mind...

  14. My cat tends to cheer me up... He comes up and lays behind my Laptop when I'm using it on my bed

  15. Advent calendar cholcolate. Mmm!

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