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What Inspires you to Write?

  1. So what is it that inspires you to write? Of course, there is always that little spark of creativity for particular posts, or reasons for deciding to write a blog on that particular day, but what is it in general that inspires you? Is it reading other people's blogs, listening to a certain piece of music, or remembering something (or someone) from your past?

    I'm still relatively new here, but thought it would be interesting to start this thread to see what inspires other people!

  2. I'm always inspired by God-awful days at work, long bus rides on the way to see my beloved, interesting conversations with total strangers, and naturally, by Amanda Palmer too :D

  3. I'm inspired by life experiences, be they dating disasters, spam emails, news stories or travel experiences.

  4. Im inspired by boring days at work, my crappy/awesome life and the odd news story that catches my attention.

  5. I'm inspired by the photographs that I take. One perfect photo will guide me to the writing.

  6. I am inspired by how I am feeling that particular day.

  7. silvershadowfly

    I think my inspiration has came from other writers. I love to know what's going on inside other people's heads, it really does just fascinate me. Blogging is one of those places where you can really get to know someone through the power of the words on the page.
    It is exactly the same with authors. I guess I just love stories and finding a story to write about. =)

  8. imagination - memory - humour, they do it for me .. plus google images and some times you might find a blog that inspires - noirciplume has got it

  9. Cheers ;)

  10. Reading everything, listening to people's conversations (not in a creepy, invasive kind of way), and just paying attention to what people do inspire me. I also love words and I'm always on the quest to find the perfect one or combination to describe what I'm seeing/hearing/feeling.

  11. People who have enriched my life in their own way, inspire me. I write about those very experiences. People inspire me.
    I also take inspiration from other people's life story as well, but I don't write about it.

  12. Usually it's something I've simultaneously experienced both recently and way back in the past so that I can make comparative remarks.

    And blend in new plus older photos. :) I'm quite visual so my blog posts do revolve around some photos. I do tend to go for sensory experiences of smell, sight, sound, motion and touch.

    I don't have alot of intellectual, pure thought blog posts at this time. In my full-time job, I can't write about sensory experiences in an enjoyable way.

    I have not yet dug into emotional experiences. I do that occasionally in Internet forums where I am member but am not totally convinced at this time, the Internet with primarily strangers is the best place to hang it all out.

  13. Numbers inspire me. Particularly I'm inspired with my favorite bloggers. I always try to follow their styles.
    Excuse me, I never write with my heart. I write with my brain. You know writing with heart may fall you in love either with your blog or with commenters. ;-)

  14. Imaginations that build up when im extremely bored.

  15. Bump!

  16. mewithmycamera

    i don't write, i take photos but with that i just want to share

  17. I am inspired by situations that evoke a feeling in me, it can be something I watched on tv, a child crying, reading a thread like this, just anything that stirs an emotion in me

  18. Friends inspire and encourage me to blog.

  19. Life is my greatest inspiration I suppose... Music, the ocean, my cat, Films old and new... People I love

  20. Well, I knew I wanted to say something, and the one thing I can talk about with real authority is dealing with fanfiction, so I decided to write about that. I get inspired by whatever I watch, read (or generally things like TVTropes, Pottersues, and Neil Gaiman).

  21. strawberryindigo

    I write because I have to let it all out and spew forth myself onto the pages. I write because if I didn't, I might explode. I am compelled, I can't stop.
    I write about everything and everything inspires me. I'm a little crazy but I believe that life is more interesting that way.

  22. i design some of my clothes and sew them, so of course i blog about that. but mostely i'm inspired by my life - my daughter, when she did something funny - my husband - work - and everything else in my life that's worth blogging about, like when i went to the cinema to see the newest movie or maybe even if i read a very good book.
    the comments i get on my posts inspire me to blog about something else like making tutorials .

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