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What interests and attracts YOU?

  1. I was just wondering what sort of topics, pictures, and fancy things other people like to see and read in blogs. For example, I like finding things that share opinion on topics related to psychology or poetry. I like a good amount of pictures that relate to what's being spoken of.

    And I find that making sure you don't put your text in one big block is very important. It becomes strenuous and boring reading one large chunk of writing.

    Let me know what you guys think please! ^_^

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I like humor that isn't forced and pictures that, like you said, relate to the topic. I like writing that involves the thing I hate doing is reading something and having the feeling that I'm being talked at, not with.

    A beautiful poet is a beautiful subscription in my mind! I will immediately subscribe if I can find zero grammar mistakes and good, pure writing.

  3. Interesting! I have big issues with people who write like they're 12 years old. Sometimes it's okay if punctuation is played with, as long as the final product looks neat. One of my biggest pet peeves is those who use "your" as "you're." Haha!

    Good point. Involving the reader is very important. My boyfriend has a blog, and he has that down like a pro. He speaks as if there's an audience.

  4. For me i adore anything and everything,i love picking up on voices and unique writing styles.everything from humor,advice,creative writing,online gaming,podcasts,novels
    i dont really have a niche of blog i prefer,if anything i just like what i like,and when i read or find new blogs,i can tell straight away,it doesnt even matter about the lay out,its the content that i look for,the personality behind the blogger.

  5. maybe you can't read actual words because you're not intelligent enough to read big girl books.

  6. I haven't been a blogger long, but what I usually go for is a clean, interesting and simple blog. Not too much of colors which will only bombard our senses. Simple is often the wisest choice.

  7. Personality is definitely an important quality!

    Sarah, I have no idea who your comment is directed at and why you felt it necessary to say. But I would like to point out that your initials may not be a proper choice for a blog header, considering it spells out "STD." I'm sure I'm not the only one who sees a common problem with that. If you meant to do it, well, it certainly catches attention.

    Simple is good too, but I like things that are going to pique my senses a little more than just focusing on text. But I find good grey scale layouts can be awesome. I myself, really like tints and shades.

  8. hollythestrange

    If it's funny I like it. If there's things that interest me then I like it. An appealing theme and appealing image sinterest me too. I tend to check people's "music" tag a lot.

  9. I like it when people have personalities that make even the most boring topics interesting. I tend to like very sarcastic (though not overly self-deprecating, 'cause that just gets obnoxious) writers and people who - naturally - share interests with me.

    As for good grammar, it's just a must; I don't really look for it, but I expect it and avoid anyone whose grammar I can't read well.

  10. I should add a music category, considering I tend to speak of it somewhat often. It's always something people tend to be interested in.

    dothedevo; Your blog is awesome, and your humour is something that attracts me quite well. ^_^

    Thank you everyone, for your (ongoing) input. It's very much appreciated.

  11. Anything that is beautifully written. I love to read great blogs where the writer was able to use the nicest sounding and most obscure words.

    Humorous blogs, mainly sarcastic and a little dark.

    Unfortunately my blog doesn't even interset me or measure up to the ones I do read.

    Maybe we just like other peoples better than our own, sort of this tastes better seeing as you cooked it and not me.

  12. Sarah Tyler Deen is my pen name. It is meant to spell out STD, maybe you should check my profile and it will show you first thing.

  13. I understand it's your initials. >_<" I just mean when I think of "STD" I think of sexually transmitted diseases, and I'm not sure that's what you're going for there. No need to get touchy.

    I think you're right bblog45, I think other people's words are much more interesting, considering when you write your own post, it's already old news to you! :P That's how I think of it anyway. When I write, it's something I've thought about already, so it's old news.

  14. Yes, but I'm saying that I created the pen name to be STD. Ya know, you hate me but you can't get rid of me?

  15. Hahaha, okay. That's what I was asking! I wasn't sure if you did it on purpose. That's really funny though. :)

  16. @raywoman
    I agree with what you said above:

    And I find that making sure you don't put your text in one big block is very important. It becomes strenuous and boring reading one large chunk of writing.

    I also agree that using white space and images is a useful way to break up text. I have located 71 sources of free images which are listed in my bloggingtips blog on my resources page. In addition I 'm a meber of some sites where I purchase images.

    I read a large number or blog spread over several niches. When it comes to personal blogs I prefer those focused on conscious living, and achieving personal growth and well-being by overcoming challenges. In my personal blog, which is not the one linked to my username, I publish on a very wide range of topics including:
    * Abstract Art
    * Conscious Living
    * Creative Visualization
    * Dreaming
    * Environment
    * Essential Oils
    * Food
    * Goal Setting
    * Happiness
    * Health
    * Humor
    * Imagery
    * Inspiration
    * Internet Relationships
    * Journal writing
    * Massage
    * Meditation
    * Personal Development
    * Personality
    * Psychology
    * Recipes
    * Relationships
    * Relaxation Techniques
    * Self Help
    * Self improvement
    * Sleep
    * Spirituality
    * Time Management
    * Wisdom
    * Yoga

    I have a separate blog for spirtual music (I love to sing). I also have another blog where I publish my poetry and creative writing.

    What I look for in a blogger is an authentic person who is both passionate and knowledgeable about their topic without being condescending. I look for blogs wherein I find stimulating content, high quality writing ie. in an engaging style that flows and is free of typos, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and overuse of punctuation.

  17. haha well thanks!

  18. hey sarah i actually really like your blog. it's right up my alley. you're the first real person (techcrunch doesn't count) that i'm subscribing to :)

    so anyway, to answer the question. humor. funny. ~LOLz~
    and if the blog can't be funny, well then, at least some pretty pictures to look at.

  19. I like blogs that are well organised and have pictures :)
    I like to read about all sorts of things I guess, literature, photography or just randomness

  20. sweet! thank ya (:

  21. My favorite subjects to read are quantum physics, dreams, after life, zen and Buddhism, life experiences and photography blogs.

  22. Favorite subjects:
    The mating dance of the moth and true significance of the light bulb.

  23. wordwatchtowers

    I don't get out much (obviously), but always cheer up when people say they think grammar and punctuation are important (and not optional extras). Consider the following:

    A woman without her man is nothing.

    With the correct punctuation all becomes clear:

    A woman: without her, man is nothing.

    Entry to Wordwatch Towers is free. Bar closed on Sundays. Tea is served in the afternoon, but bring your own biscuits.

  24. AponteDavid; you might enjoy my friend's blog [ ] since he's into that sort of thing. As am I, but I don't tend to talk too much about it. I have a private blog for dreams. I've been trying to get into the habit of lucid dreaming.

    dbennison; Ha! that's a clever way to put it. Grammar is our friend, I don't know why so many people abuse it. :(

    Seems pictures are extremely important. And humour of course, but people can look past that if there are nice pictures.

  25. Good nature blogs with pictures and fish blogs.

  26. Definetly inner thoughts are best:
    Meta thoughts that hide beneath the brimming skulls of everyday actions.
    I like knowing how we all think, or how none of us think, or how any of us know why
    We think, about nothing or

    Anything, or
    Those things

    Inner thoughts are within faces, past smiles, beyond voices;
    Are what slide by us:

    In streets, or in hallways, or in unemployment lines, or on conveyor belts in cold fusion plants,

    All day long.

    Also..... Writing is a good time, and netflix is of course an essential contributor to surviving long and well written nights.

  27. I love blogs that are of a philosophical nature....or just any blog that get the brain going. I adore it when people bring up concepts that generate lots of questions and the funky explanations that go with them.

  28. I like blogs that make you think, I'm not drawn to particular topics, I'm more drawn to the way someone writes :)

  29. I like surprises. I check around the blog posts and just dive in. If there's some good reading I stick around a bit.

  30. thehappyhealer

    I have to say, I'm a bit of an eclectic... I just started here on WordPress and love the variation of blogs and authors - visual, sounds, reading, etc.. It's perfect for me. My own blogs - still, very new - show that about me too...
    A quirky title or interesting word combos OR a good photo get me every time!

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