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What interests and attracts YOU?

  1. A mixture of reality and imagination attracts me. I like dreams and going into my own world but yet I keep grounded and stay with reality. I warm towards real life blogs about famillies, young people etc. People with dreams and hopes and reading other people develop and imagine their futures, it is all exciting.

    Have a read of my newly started blog, I'll admit I am only new to it so don't be harsh but I hope some of you can enjoy reading about my little crazy life?

  2. authorjdhughes

    Good writing always keeps my interest. New and innovative use of our language, quality plots with solid integration of theme and style.

    Check out the newest poem:

  3. I'm interested in reading about humanitarians, interesting young people, great writers, cities I haven't visited (yet), food (and wine), and things that make me laugh!

  4. passion4tattoo

    Art, great human beings, and martial arts.

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