What IP do I use (for A DNS records) to route people to my blog from Office 365?

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    What is the IP address of my blog? Office 365 does the DNS for my email, Lync, etc, and I need to map people to my WordPress blog with an A or AAAA DNS record. But it needs my blog’s IP address to do so.

    The Office 365 site administration tool asks for a hostname or alias and an IP address.

    For example, this link tells me *what* to do, but I don’t know what the details are that I need to enter:


    Could someone at WordPress please advise what A and/or AAAA records I should use to route people to my blog?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is appliedbuildinginfo.wordpress.com.



    There is no permanent static IP address for any WordPress.com blog. All IPs are dynamic ie. ever changing. Therefore WordPress.com does not provide static IP addresses.

    See here https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/ip-address-for-domain-mapping-1?replies=6#post-1330967

    I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up.



    Thanks timetheif. So does that mean WordPress will not play nice with Office 365 DNS servers or I just need to omit the IP address when I set up the A records? (I’m not a DNS expert; I don’t know if I can even do that)

    I’m really reluctant to have WordPress do my DNS because currently there’s a lot of special DNS records that I need to get Office 365 to work and I doubt that WordPress would support all that (one MX, 3 CNAMEs, and 2 SRVs). If I can just add an A record to my existing Office 365 DNS configuration, I don’t risk breaking email and Lync.




    If you must use an A record, our IP addresses currently are as follows:

    You should create at least two A records with two of the IP addresses above. Please note that our IP addresses change regularly without notice to users, so these records may need to be updated so your domain will continue to work properly.



    If the DNS is going to fail regularly in an unpredictable fashion, then there’s no point in creating an A record.

    Could WordPress consider providing virtual IPs for blogs so that the IP address is fixed externally, but varies internally? Doing so would may WordPress much more attractive to Office 365 customers.

    If WordPress DNS is the only way to a reliable solution, can we have precise control over the DNS records (MX, CNAME, and SRVs?), or is it limited to just web traffic for the blog itself?

    Thank you



    If the DNS is going to fail regularly in an unpredictable fashion

    Nothing is “failing” – there are 65,000,000++ blogs here then add such minor players a CNN.com and other major news media.

    The dynamic IP addresses change based on load balancing, upgrading equipment etc. the system is robust enough that your blog can take a million page views in a day and that is a rounding error in their traffic

    Most hosts now use dynamic IP addresses – static IP addresses are an additional charge in most hosting companies.

    If you use name server addressing you can add MX , CNAME etc records here

    I have a custom domain name mapped to my blog here and my email is hosted elsewhere, works fine for me

    To have some sort of a static virtual IP address would be an extra charge and I suspect some significant system changes for a questionable market size



    Thanks @auxclass, you said it way better than I ever could. :)

    And yes, that pretty much hits the nail on the head. We do offer a permanent solution, but provide the current IPs as a workaround when necessary.



    You be welcome @jackiedana & OP – glad I could do my token help :)



    Not a token at all. :)



    Are you wanting to use Office 365 for email hosting and use it with a custom domain on WordPress.com? If so, you will need to add MX records to your domain’s custom DNS settings. Let me know if that’s the case and I can help you out.

    (Note that the domain must be registered through WordPress.com for this to work).



    By failing regularly, I wasn’t speaking about WordPress DNS, I was instead talking about the domain name resolution for the scenario we’ve been discussing in this thread: using Office 365 DNS with an A record of a WordPress IP address.

    …our IP addresses change regularly without notice to users, so these records may need to be updated so your domain will continue to work properly.

    So if I use Office 365 DNS, and create an A record with one of the WordPress IP addresses listed above – which “change regularly without notice” – then I don’t understand how that could be a reliable solution…

    I just discovered today that GoDaddy has WordPress hosting available that guarantees 99.9% uptime. They also have a lot of expertise with Office 365, so I’m going to look more at what they have to offer.

    I still really like WordPress technology, I’m just not sure WordPress.com is the route to go with Office 365… If Office 365 breaks, I’m going to be up a creek without a paddle.

    Thanks for all of you help!



    I’m sorry for any frustration this may be causing you. I would like to help find a workable solution.

    When I investigated this further, I wasn’t able to find where Office 365 is requiring A records. I see that they provide email hosting, and if that’s what you are trying to do, we have a solution involving MX records that should work for you.

    If they allow you to register domains through their service now, and require an A record to point domains to WordPress.com (which is what I thought initially) then if that’s what you are trying to accomplish, you will need to use our IP addresses and check them periodically, or find a different domain registrar that uses name servers.

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