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What is a ping?

  1. Sorry if this is a stupid question.

  2. This is a non-geeky explanation that geeks will roll their eyes at when they read it. Once you set your blog to allow "pings" when you publish a post or someone links to a post you have written an electronic automatic notification of that event is sent to ping-o-matic and is then sent onward to other places like Technorati, etc. That activates their search spiders to come to your blog and record a packet of that information and "send it home"
    Here's a list of those other "places" that ping-o-matic sends the electronic notification on to.

    P.S. Is there any other "techy" blogger out there who would like to jump in to explain this better than I can?

  3. I can explain it less techily!

    A Ping is a message sent from your computer to the various blog watching sites out there that goes "HEY!!! I updated!!! Check this out!" It's like the press release of the blogosphere.

  4. Where do I find the function and how do I activate it? I actually need to ping my posts now because the internet was down for hours today.

  5. Well. Down for almost an hour today. :-D

  6. The problem is, that I am on a blog watching site, but the posts I wrote today, do not show up. I have my adsl at one of the biggest companies here in Denmark, but they lost connection to the whole country today. Never heard about that before...

    But what should I do, so that I can ping the posts myself, now that the automatic system failed?

  7. WordPress blogs that are set to be searchable et al are automatically set to ping. In other words, if your blog is not marked private and "unsearchable" specifically, then you are automatically pinging the top blog searches through WordPress software and Pingomatic.

    And no, what you're seeing is a lag, not a failure. Technorati often lags behind, for instance. You can duplicate your pings by getting a bookmark at, for instance, and manually ping after every post, but you cannot force the sites to list you instantly. For high tech, some of them are pretty slow and backwards.

  8. Thank you. A few of my posts just came through right now, but not the first ones from this morning. I wrote those before 08.00 and the time here in Denmark is now 15.48. That is highly unusual...

  9. If I am not mistaken, I can't use the pingoat programme to ping the Danish blog watching site?

  10. I don't know: I use it as backup and it pings a lot of them. Check their master list at

  11. I did check, but most of the names are unknown to me...

  12. Would anyone know about other methods? I think, I need a pinging programme, that allows you to ping who you want, when you want it or something...

  13. Pingoat does that: it pings the largest blog listing sites I know of in North America, Europe and Asia, but there might be others. You can always go to and set up your own account there, although that's the same service WordPress uses.

    And if there's a particular Danish site you want pinged, maybe your best bet is to ping it yourself manually. Put it in your bookmarks to make it easy for yourself.


  15. raincoaster, I don't know how to ping manually, thats what I'm trying to say. I can't find that feature here on WordPress...

  16. It's not on WordPress: WordPress pinging is built into the system and happens automatically. You have to go to the site you wish to ping and they will have a place for you to do that. Do a search on their site and the info should be there.

  17. No. It just tells me to use the service on WordPress. A very large part of Denmark suffered a complete breakdown with no internet access today. I have never heard about that happening before. That is most likely the reason for this...

  18. It is a bit disappointing, that WordPress' feed system does not try again, when an attempt failed. But I already have 2 feedback mails waiting, so I wont bother them. I will just delete and post the same again. I have been waiting for these posts to show up since 8 o'clock this morning. It is actually quite disappointing...

  19. Oh, if it says WordPress does this automatically, then as long as their Internet doesn't go down they won't lose any more in future. I wouldn't worry about it at all then. If you REALLY want those posts to show up that particular search engine, you can always link to them from another post in your blog or you can take them down and re-post them, changing the timestamp.

  20. So there is no way to avoid this in the future? The feed can't be trusted and you have to check? Then I will need to know, if there is a way to find out, if it is the blog watching site, that has a delay or if it is WordPress' feed, that failed? I need to learn from this, so that it does not happen again.

    You see, it is a news blog and I can not just post almost 12 hours old post again. This story has been developing all day...

    So what do I do, so that this does not happen again? After all internet connections do go down from time to time...

  21. I am trying the "pingoat" thing that was mentioned earlier. Again...probably a silly question....I'm not very "blog-savvy" just yet. But, how often in a day should you do that? Once? Twice? Is it the more the better?

  22. There was, as far as I can see, no problem with the WordPress feed. The problem was that the blog listing site that you're talking about had no Internet access for several hours and nobody who posted during that time got listed. I don't know of any way to prevent such a thing from happening in the future except securing Denmark's Internet access from attack or accident. You could send them an email asking what to do in the future, but I don't know what they could tell you. It sounds like a very unusual blip in the blogosphere.

    If it's your own internet connection that you're thinking of, as long as the post got made it will have been pinged, barring weird failures at Pingomatic. To make doubly sure, use an alternate service like Pingoat and ping immediately after making a post. Then, if your Internet goes down, it doesn't matter because the pings have been registered and the blog post, after all, resides on WordPress servers. It's live even if you are not.

    Ping only after you update. Repeated pings when you haven't updated only annoy the services and might get you considered spam.

  23. thanks

  24. Thank you raincoaster. I have written them and I am looking into it. And as you say: It was an very unusual blip not just in the blogosphere, but in Denmark as well.

    But if I find a perfect solution, I will return to the thread and let everyone know what to do in such a case. :-D

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