What is a trackback?

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    Quite new to blogging. What is a trackback and how do I use one?



    TB is a way to add to your discussion of your post.

    Example, you write on blog A

    Blog A has a post on the sky being blue
    Blog “B” also has a post on the sky being blue. You want to allow your visitors to read your post but also be notified or other available info on the subject.

    So within your post you link some text with the permalink to Blog B (the url of the posts title) Example Judy of Blog B also has posted something similar. (the boldface text would be the permalinked text)

    Secondly and most important for the TB to work. Take the TB url (located under each post or in your theme under the comment box) and place it in the correct box on your write/edit post page. It is located under the text box and labeled “Send trackbacks to:” When you publish the article the system will send the TB and it will show up in Blog B’s comment list for that post.

    One other note: The linking of the permalink within the text of your post isn’t required. But is considered a courtesy. In fact many bloggers if they receive a TB and find their blog not linked in the text of the sending blogs post will delete the TB.



    Is it possible to add tracksbacks to pages, too? I only find it for posts. Is this correct? If so, why? (Or am I too stupid?)



    They are not, and were never designed for Pages, by any blogging software.

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