What Is BustABlog?

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    Could someone tell me whether this website is legitimate or not and is approved by WordPress?

    Apparently, you can make $$$ by syndicating your blog, but, hey, I don’t want to go there unless WordPress gives me the “heads up”. I received two comments from them and I have a feeling it’s spam.


    I have received the same messages, and I have considered them spam. I wouldn’t give them any of your information.


    Okay – just wanted to confirm this. Thanks so much.



    hardrockhideout: I don’t doubt you — quite the opposite — but do you have any particular reason to believe it’s spam, e.g., you’ve read reviews about it, a friend got scammed, etc.? Thanks.



    bustablog isn’t spam. Actually they are quite selective in their syndication process. It took me two attempts to get syndicated. It’s a way to get your content added into their network



    And what does that do?


    hey there “clickfornick”

    you are part of Bustablog so your comment is rather biased don’t you think?

    How are you selective exactly?

    And what is the reason for your selectivity when your site is a mess of information that doesn’t hold any value for discerning bloggers?

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