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What is "Categories Widgets" for?

  1. In Presentation>Widgets, I can choose "How many categories widgets would you like?"

    What is this for? since the content (the categories) will always be the same, just the title of this category box will be different?

  2. We have no idea how to use the multiple categories widgets. They were introduced by staff a few Fridays ago, unaccompanied by instructions of any kind. Will you please come back here and share whatever you learn about using them through the trial and error process?

  3. This is WordPress voodoo. I wish we understood what it did.:)

  4. Typical of WordPress to make changes and/or introduce new features without any announcments and/or documentation at all :-(

  5. There was an announcement in the blog, but the blog's not as easily searchable as if they'd used a decent service like, say,, to do the blog.

  6. ok I'm not the only one lost with this feature. at least I'm not feeling dum anymore :)

  7. We were actually scratching our head over it as well. (There's a couple of threads covering it already.) There's a regular wordpress widget that allows you to do multiple category widgets and assign a different link category to each widget and we were thinking that this was it but so far it hasn't allowed us to do it.

  8. The original "announcement" contained no specifics or instructions for use. It was not made in the official blog. It appeared on a forum thread. And I have tried to assign a different link category to separate widgets and have failed. I tried and tried before I gave up. IMO at this point we need staff to communicate with us so we know how they are intended to be used.

  9. There's no field to do it so I'm not sure how it would work in the first place.

    *chuckle* I still say it was added in because some *OTHER* wpmu install had it first. ;)

  10. I was wondering the same thing. If the Category Widgets had the "Exclude" feature as the one in "Page Widgets" that would be aweome. That way, we could really sort the categories and subcategories.

  11. Now you're talking. I'm on side with that excellent idea. :)

  12. Oh, that would be smart.

  13. Like tribbles they multiply but unfortunately they are all clones.

  14. Maybe it's so people can have a regular category list and a drop down one? Kind of unnecessary in my opinion, but I'm sure somebody asked for it.

  15. thistimethisspace

    As chiuz has suggested an exclude feature would render them more useful.

  16. I just hope they make it posible to separate ones categories, like categories 1 (news) categories 2 (movies) etc. So you could have several dropdows with a header and a lot of subcategories... there's no point og having cat 1 and cat 2 now on the page...

  17. I believe most of us expected exactly what you described above but it's not what we got. We got categories widgets that are all clones of one another. Please send your request to staff and add your voice to those of us who would like to see the functionality change so we can have what you described

  18. Having got the same question marks in my head about the multiple categories widgets, and agreeing with what has been suggested in this thread, i.e. "exclude" or the ability to choose to show different categories in different widgets, I sent an enquiry/feedback to support. Got a reply from Mark who said there will be an announcement on how to use the widgets shortly. So I guess it's watch this space, wait and see? In the meantime, I am just using the text widgets and putting links in there to specific post/page - clumsy, but will do for now. Any suggestion of easier or better ways appreciated. Thank you. :)

  19. Thanks for providing this update.
    I can't think of any other way to address this in the interim either. At this point it's text widgets or nothing.

    Whether we have the option to "select" or to "exclude" categories matters not to me as long as we have one or the other. Until we do there is no point to having the ability to create multiple category clones that I can discern.

  20. Did they ever post a resolution for this problem?

  21. it's not really a problem. More of a conundrum. And no, we still have no idea (as far as i know).

  22. I'm curious ... like jpsipila above - I too would like to use the categories tabs to separate and define different subtopics within my blog. If the categories widget isn't up for the task is there another way?

  23. We do not have "categories tabs". I believe what you are referring to is tabs for static Pages. Please read this information so you understand that a blog has only one dynamic page that will automatically update with each new post that you publish
    HTH :)

  24. Has there been any movement on this? I like the idea of having multiple categories which have different content.

  25. So do I but unfortunately we have not heard anything from staff on this. :(

  26. Still a mystery.

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