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what is considered mature subject matter?

  1. so bottom line what can i write here? if i stick something up and someone thinks it isn't for general consumption what happens? is adult material even allowed? or even r material?there are other issues but this one tops the list.

  2. Adult material is allowed on our blogs, but as for what constitutes adult material, only staff can answer that question. Contact them on Monday when feedback re-opens.

    People often report blogs as Mature, and then staff looks at them and makes the call.

  3. fine. then what happens? i mean, if they think it's mature or adult? thank you as well.

  4. /nod to raincoaster
    The following information comes from FAQs
    Blogs with legal adult content are not removed. They are flagged as “Mature” so they become less visible across the domain by being excluded from
    (1) Top Blogs,
    (2) Recent Posts and
    (3) Tags [ i.e. the global tagging system and the Tag Surfer].

    WordPress requests that those who have blogs with "Mature" contents voluntarily declare them to Staff. However, if they are not declared then the report form states:
    "If you come across a blog which you believe to be primarily adult-related or too mature for a general audience, please let us know ..." and like raincoaster says -- staff make the call.

    Edit: DMCA link re: legal content removed

  5. If it's decided that the blog is mature, then it won't show up in Tag Surfer, or on the Top Posts or Top Blogs. I don't THINK it shows up when you click the "Next blog" arrow in the top right-hand corner. I'm not sure about whether or not you're displayed on global tag pages, but I don't think so. And you never show up in people's dashboards under Most Recently Updated.

  6. At worst, the blog gets marked as Mature which does as timethief says.

    But write what you want to :)

    (and I'm not sure why the dmca link above - that doesn't apply at all)

  7. great. thanks. looks like none of my stuff will ever get read.

  8. Not to worry. You have a myspace readers following and links already, right?

  9. yeah, but myspace is full of hackers and their ilk. i'm tired of the stuff.

  10. Well, there's always blogspot, isn't there? And that's not the end of it. There's paid hosting and I hear that "mature" blogs bring in lots of hits that translate into advertising income.

  11. @johnhauge - we all have different ideas of what is adult/mature. I have no idea what you think, you don't know what thoughts other's might have.
    You could be planning hardcore erotic fiction through to using swear words liberally while slamming politicians. The former will get that Mature tag, the latter would not.

    Start writing :)

  12. ok. lots of swear words fits the bill, i suppose. sometimes. depends. no hardcore porn. just swearing. thank you all for your help. i need to go now. g/f has issues. thanks. bye.

  13. This doesn't effect your standing in search engines at all. I don't know why you think "nobody will read it". It will reduce people coming through Top Blogs and Top Posts, should your hits justify placement there normally, but how realistic is that to expect as a normal major source of hits? And frankly, tag pages are a pretty minimal source of hits, too. Your own efforts to get the word out will be more effective at bringing readers.

    If you're in the business of grabbing eyeballs, nothing on the Internet is more popular than hardcore porn; everyone knows this. It makes no sense to lament that a Mature rating will reduce hits to zero.

  14. @rain
    No kidding I *LOL* when I read that, "none of my stuff will ever get read".

  15. you can also just make it password protected, which is what I have done. this lets you keep an intimate group of readers and you can be as ho-ish and crude as you want.

  16. Blogspot/ blogger does mature tagging as well. Not sure what the point of it is though.

    Mark, I wonder about many things here in these forums.

  17. Wonder about what?

  18. Well, we're always wondering what the heck your avatar is.

  19. Looks like a worm to me. ;)

  20. Yeah, I always assumed it was a nematode :)

    Seriously, though, some more guidelines would be helpful. I have a rather...buxom...woman on a post right now, but it's promoting language literacy. (long story--the post is "Hot for Words" if you are interested.)

    So, my sense is a girl with big ta-ta's (*mostly* covered!)is legal under the law, and wouldn't be censored. But not knowing makes me second guess and censor -myself-, which is frustrating as a writer. :(

  21. Just write :)

    There is nothing wrong with your blog or that post - even Youtube aren't worried about the video.

  22. Oh - it's a glass claw. Large clear glass that curves through piercings. Alas it's only 10mm wide though so it's now too small..... :)

  23. If WordPress is going to have a "Mature" catagory, then a definition or guideline of what is considered "Mature" seems to be required. I understand that some things are going to be iffy and require a judgement call, but <i>some</i> general guidelines would be helpful.

    Just saying "we'll leave it up to staff" doesn't seem quite right, particularly since THERE ARE NO FORMAL GUIDELINESS to go by, that I could find. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place? In seems inherently unfair to say "oh just write whatever you like, and if afterwards, if we don't approve, we'll block your blog". Can you folks not see the problem with this? The link Timethief provided merely discusses copywrite issues, not guideliness for maturity ratings.

    Does swearing automatically count as "mature"? Can I use the word "tits"?

    Also, in case it's not clear, keymaster Mark is tres cool. :)

  24. @feminazi: such decisions will always be made on a case by case basis. If we were to attempt to write some rules - something that's difficult at best - it would become an instruction book for those who like to try to game the system.

    If you think your blog has been unfairly classified as Mature, please contact support.

    Again, please note that we do not block or suspend blogs for mature content. Legal adult content is permitted and uncensored on; the only restriction is that they are not included in global listings.

  25. What 'block' are you talking about? Mark was pretty clear (six months ago) when he said that "At worst, the blog gets marked as Mature which does as timethief says." My guess is that the rules are purposely vague because they know that there are lots of rules lawyers around who will try to find a way to almost-but-not-quite break the rules. Vagueness neutralizes rules lawyers and permits WordPress to follow the spirit of the rule.

    Are you worried about global tags? If anything, they're confusing and have pulled people off my blog, which isn't what I want to happen. Honestly, they've never done me any good, to the point where I've removed almost all of them and am considering removing the rest. (I'm using the tag bookmarklet found over at Lorelle's (link below).)

  26. Thanks for all the replies! I was really addressing staff though, and so apologies for not making myself clear.

    At the risk of repeating myself, I understand that some situations are iffy, and require a case-by-case judgement call. The expectation that some people would "game the system" and so WordPress needs to give itself an "out" is also understandable.

    The scenerio as described in the second sentence would be covered by the first. Therefore, having NO guidelines is going over-board, especially for the vast majority of people who are not interested in "gaming the system" but are simply concerned about relatively minor things, such as perjoritives.

    All of my points were addressing the system. Specifially, the inherent unfairness of saying "oh just write whatever you want, and afterwards, if we don't like it, we'll do these things". Automatically assuming that whatever you do will be judged acceptable is a result of privilege, and I do not have the luxury of that privilege. Feministy type blogs and the people who run them tend to be attacked quite frequently, which is why even some basic guidelines would be helpful. WordPress can shut a blog down completely without warning, in case anyone is not aware of it.

    A staff member linked to a page that had nothing to do with maturity ratings, and everything to do with copywrite. There is a complete disconnection between what was asked, and what was answered. This a pattern among certain staff members, and it is not one which inspires confidence.

    Again, this is for staff to answer or not answer, as they see fit. They have a difficult job, and perfection is not expected, but reasonableness most certainly is. I posted my thing, and wasn't marked as "mature", so that answered my original question.

  27. "A staff member linked to a page that had nothing to do with maturity ratings, and everything to do with copywrite."

    feminazi: I'm not sure which link you're talking about. Mark and myself are the only staff members who have replied to this thread.

    Unfortunately "gaming the system" is a huge problem, and one that creates a great deal of work for us. We don't classify blogs based on simplistic rules like "the following words are mature" or "more than 12 pixels of private parts is considered mature". The most fair and reasonable approach we can take is to consider each case on its merits and context. If we try to codify and publish the rules, we can no longer do that because we're stuck following the rules.

    Once again, if you think your blog has been unfairly classified, please contact support and we'll review it.

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