What is edvdbox.com?

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    I just posted to my blog and almost immediately got a pingback from http://www.evdbox.com. Does anyone know what this is? Is it a plagarism site?



    Wrong site address…Here is the correct site: www. edvdbox. com



    It sure looks like a splog to me.

    I usually leave a comment telling them that I’m going to bring down a DMCA on them, and sometimes they remove the post. Sometimes, of course, the just delete the comment, and sometimes they publish the comment so everyone can see how mean I am :D


    Ugh! I got one too, but every time I try to leave them a message, they redirect to another site! Thoughts?


    SO, I’AM SORRY…. But is anyone looking into this? THIS IS A PROBLEM PEOPLE !!!!!
    is anyone of those fat bastards at WordPress doing anything???
    would they be smart enough?… lmao, because they also going to block or delete my open and honest comments here again …. that’s how they answer issues

    EXAMPLE ——
    Website : » | New ‵ (IP: , )
    URL : http://www.edvdbox.com/?p=2439478
    Pingback excerpt:
    Baseball News and Information » How to get tape leftover off …
    rubbing alcohol . agoodbowl wrote @ November 14th, 2008 at 9:18 am. laquare thinner on a cotton ball More



    There are a couple of threads about this, and a whole blog set up for FAQ on stolen posts. You can report them and ask them to remove your content. http://stolen.wordpress.com



    “is anyone of those fat bastards at WordPress doing anything???”

    Thanks for that.

    And given we have no control over the owner, no control over the registrar, no control over the host what can we actually do?



    Whoa, first time I ever visited the wordpress about page…though referencing people as “fat” may be accurate, theres no need for the harsh unproductive tone.
    Anyways, the site seems to provide links to the original blog post, so is this really wrong if they are giving credit to the original blog poster?



    That blog has taken material from over 237,000 posts.
    It has ads.

    The ads are the reason. They set the blog up and watch the money come in. It’s very easy to do. Whether or not it is right is up to you, but you will find none of these as proper comments because thousands of users have said it is spam. Akismet treats it as spam.

    And we still cannot do anything.



    Whois result:

    hairong sun (email redacted) +1.5126972226
    Debra J. Steele 4997 Valley Lane Austin, TX 78741
    Austin,Texas,US 78741



    Asserting copyright is the responsibility of the copyright holder. If you’re the blogger, that means you. If someone walked into your store and stole stuff off the shelf, you would go after the robber; you wouldn’t expect the shelving company to go after him.



    Nicely said, raincoaster!



    Thanks. I actually stole it from Dr Mike. Sometimes a metaphor is the best way to understand how things really are.


    Moderator Emeritus


    In your analogy, I’d call the cops! But there aren’t any internet cops are there?

    Actually, in real life, most thieves are small, and are victims of “opportunity” (oh! no one’s looking, I’ll just have that for myself) and I’d likely confront them. “Excuse me, you must have forgotten “x” that you put into your pocket. Do you still want that?”



    I HAVE confronted thieves and the only time I let it go was once when a guy had stuffed a bunch of ugly, cheap hats into his pants. I figure anyone who bought those after that deserved what they got. But in retail the general reflex is to pursue and confront and only call the cops afterwards.


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    I sure a pants load of ugly hats sent him to the fate he deserved.

    I work in an odd version of non-profit retail—sort of like a thrift shop but not—we sell materials for arts/crafts to teachers and the general public. I’m likely more cynical than you are. Why would someone compromise their integrity for 50¢? Would you sell your integrity for such a small amount? How much would you sell your integrity for?

    Never mind, this is off topic.

    There still are no internet cops or regulators.


    Ok, so all metaphor’s etc. aside, what is the best way to confront this blog? Since they redirect to another site before you can comment on the post, do you email them? This is a first for me, so I’m not sure what the best way to handle it is…



    The best way is to see if they have advertising, and then complain to the advertiser. If it’s google, click on the “ads by google” at the bottom and follow the complaint process there. After two or three, they’ll pull the adsense account thus killing the blog’s reason for existence.

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