What is going on here? Domain transfer question.

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    I need to transfer my domain registration to WordPress. How do I do this? I am going to map a domain registered at Yahoo over to WP. But how will this effect my renewal process in the future? Will I have to continue to renew with Yahoo? Or can I transfer the registration over to WordPress and renew it here.

    I would rather have everything under one site and I need some help on how to do that. I cannot believe how difficult it is to get help on this subject.

    The blog I need help with is bodybeyondfit.wordpress.com.



    WordPress.com does not accept domain transfers. See here please for mapping an existing domain to your WordPress.com blog. http://support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/map-existing-domain/


    Thank you for the response. So then this means that I need to pay a $13 yearly domain mapping fee to WordPress in addition to the yearly fee I pay to the registrar to keep my domain name registered?



    Yes that’s exactly what it means.

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