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    What that hits mean in wordpress blog? Initially my hits was 68 but it has increased to 1700 near. Does that mean that my blog is more popular than previous or just its my illusion? What is the use of that hits? Can anybody clear my misconception?

    The blog I need help with is visitskc.wordpress.com.



    Each “hit” is a page view. Yes, it means more people are going to your blog.


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    The hits are not always readers, though. I put up a page with index in the name, and my hits went up, but I don’t see any clicks from that page. What human would “read” an index and not look further? Well, ok. but I think that not all the hits are human.


    Supposedly wordpress filters out all “bots” and such from what they display in the stats. They may miss one or two here or there, but I don’t think it amounts to a lot.



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    The skeptic in me! [shrug]
    Likely you are right then. That is nice.



    Here is my share of what hits is all about. See the entry. http://nyjoomla.wordpress.com/site-report/the-latest-stats-obsession/

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