What is hotlinking?

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    I’ve done a search and unfortunately have not found a straight answer to my question. I’d like to know if I’m doing the right thing on my posts.

    I find my source, let them know that I will be using their photo and afterwards provide them the link in which their photos are posted on.

    I save the pic on my comp, upload through WP, edit caption to show the source and edit link so when the photo is clicked on, it goes direct to their site (ie. flickr).

    So far, all sources have been more than happy with this.
    I am not hotlinking am I? From what I’ve read, hotlinks are not recommended so I’d like to know for sure.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is appl3pie.wordpress.com.



    You are only hotlinking if you are including the image by linking directly to it on the original site. If you have permission to use those images, and are saving then uploading them to your own media library you should be fine.



    Okay, thanks for that :) I’m safe.



    As hallluke says you are not hotlinking.

    Hotlinking is directly embedding or linking to a resource on another server, such as an image or video, so that it appears to be part of the linking website — considered a violation of netiquette. en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hotlinking



    Thanks for the confirmation.

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