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What is life?

  1. The question of life is big one. The chemist, the physicist, the biologist and the psychologist each tells us very shortly what he thinks of life.
    The chemist tells us that all living creatures are built up of the same kind of stuff, which is called protoplasm defined by Huxley as the physical basis of life. A chemical similarity makes the whole world akin. He is greatly struck by the orderliness of the living laboratory, by the way in which processes of building up make good all the breaking down and by the quickness of it all.
    The physicist who is chiefly concerned with energy (the power of doing work) and its changes would tell us first that we must not suppose that living creatures create any energy. Like engines which change fuel into work, so organisms change the chemical energy of food into locomotion and work, sometimes into light, often into heat and also into stores-especially in the plant world. But all living creatures are like engines in being transformers of one kind of energy into another. He tells us that he admires living more than his own engines because they get comparatively more energy out of their food than a battleship, and a firefly is a more economical light-producer than an arc-lamp.
    The biologist is the expert on life. The characteristic activities of plant and animals seem to him very different from those of the non-living world.
    So, according to the above statements life is the condition and state of being alive; the state in which animals and plants exist, as differentiated from inorganic or dead organic matter. Life is understood through observation of the composition and activities of living things. The fundamental substance of life is protoplasm, which contains those chemical and structural combinations upon which the functions of life depend.
    What Firdous (me) think about life? First of all I think that life is very beautiful and especially the life which is gifted to all of the humans is the most superb life as compared to other’s and it is gifted to us for a purpose and every one has to leave this world and face the God. And the life depends on many things life food, water, air which is necessary to live. So it is the best way to enjoy the life without any tension of anything because once it will be finished then never comes again. So throw the tensions and worries which you have about something into the dustbin, and go to the happiness and joy garden to take happiness from there to pass your life with comfort and satisfaction.
    What you think about life doesn’t forget to comment on life.

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  2. Blogging. Life is blogging.

  3. Life is a cloud drifing amongst a golden evening sky

    Life is beautiful...

  4. Life is like York Peppermint patties,

  5. Life is what you make it..!
    Life is a chance for consciousness to become conscious of itself..!
    Life is. :)

  6. The state of living, duh.

  7. life is what it is,its what you make,experiences you take from it,people you have in it,life is never having any regrets

  8. Life is college football and mythology. The rest is just downtime. I'm just kidding. One of the reasons I love mythology is to get a feel of how various cultures viewed life and the afterlife and the evolution of those beliefs.

  9. For me, life is college schoolwork, writing, trying to learn French, a colorful wardrobe, and lots of family time. In the future, I hope to be able to call myself a published author, parent to four cats, and the owner of both a baby grand piano and a harpsichord, as well as a Bachelor's degree in journalism. It may sound a bit extravagant, but they say to dream big!

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  11. If you were dead then you would not be in a position to either ask or answer this question. So my answrer is that life is the opposite of death.

  12. Life is about living, never take it for granted because we'll all end up in the grown someday. I think it is a good philosophical question, but I advise you to not dwell to much about the subject although it is interesting. Rather live life and as "John Keating" once said; "Sucking the marrow out of life doesn't mean choking on the bone."

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  14. What is life?

    A song penned and performed by George Harrison, after he parted ways with the Fab Four (The Beatles)

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