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What is my blog id?

  1. I'm using the browser FLOCK which allows direct blogging to WordPress. The trouble is that when I give it my username, it pulls all 3 of my blogs with the same data - that of the PRIMARY blog. That means that even though it looks like I can post to all three, they all end up in that one blog.

    The settings include Blog URL and Blog ID. I bet if I can work out the blog id of the other two blogs, I can make this work.

    How can I find out my blog ids?



  2. I downloaded BlogDesk a free off-line blog publisher and it finds this information for me. Perhaps you'd like to try it too
    It's the only method I know of to get this information but perhaps other bloggers have a better one.

    P.S. Using BlogDesk is easy and using it means you always have a back-up copy of every post you make as well.

  3. You can pull up your IDs using BlogDesk. Yoy can also try sending in a feedback and asking for this information.

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