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What is my XML file?

  1. I'm having trouble finding the xml file for my blog.

    I'm attempting to syndicate the content of my blog on my website via rss2html.php. I'm specificially being asked for:

    URL for the XML file: (ie.

    my blog is

    any help?

  2. As Otto42 told you in the support forum, the correct address for your feed is You shouldn't need an XML file for an RSS feed service.

  3. Sorry, there should be a final "/" on the link I gave:

  4. Youa er using the default theme - Kubrick. Look at the footer and click the rss feed links VOILA!
    rss feed for entries (posts)
    rss feed for comments

  5. typoabove : "youa er" = "You are"

    Also note the settings on this page -> Options -> Reading

    There are other alternatives for your feeds:

    (1) You can place the Meta widget in your sidebar and your readers will have feeds to your entries (posts) and to your comments just as they do now by clicking on the links in the footer of your theme.

    (2) You can use this method

    (3) You can offer email updates through feedburner

    (4) You can offer email updates from

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