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What is "obscene"?

  1. Isn't this objective? In the tos for this site we can't post obscene stuff, but how far is too far? And what happens if you cross that "line"? Are you warned first or what?

  2. Perhaps you'd like to enter a dialog with staff about this policy issue. We don't discuss policy issues on the support forum. The feedback button is on the top right hand corner of any of your blog pages. Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation.

  3. Fair enough, I understand, but what are some guidelines, if any? I'm just asking, not intending to start a KKK blog or anything! Just found the tos (or the part I read) was somewhat vague. I guess feedback button it is!

  4. Would you show it to your grandmother in law?

  5. But that's beside the point - isn't there some stuff you'd want to keep from some people? Is this discussing though?

  6. You have to send in feedback for this to be answered to your satisfaction because no one here can answer this for you, sorry! ;)


  7. We really try to stay out of the more in depth policy questions. None of us really should be answering them as none of us are Automattic employees.

    We used to but it just seems to provoke much misunderstanding among the folks here.


  8. Make some PRIVATE posts that are typical of what you will be posting.
    I say private because there will be people here clicking to see then getting all offended and sending in reports which isn't then fair on you.

    I imagine we'd probably say the content is Mature and as such any tags used will not feature in any listings on the domain, nor will the blog feature in any top lists.

    And thanks for asking first - that is excellent :)

  9. Wait, if I put a post as private then I alone will be able to see it? I don't want that. Can't I tag something as mature and be safe, maybe? I dunno, just spitballing here.

  10. No, he's saying post an example so staff can look at it and give you feedback. Mature content is allowed (although it will put your blog in the Mature category and take it off the Tag and Top Blog, Top Post pages) but obscene content is NOT allowed. Staff need to look at what you have in mind to make the call, because they won't come out and make a hard-and-fast rule.

  11. Lots of things are looked as "obscene". It's on the eye of the beholder. Just as long as it's not child porn, violent porn, and stuff like that, then it won't go against the TOS.

  12. No, not pornographic material or anything, but let's look at this blog here:

    Seems sort of mature to me. I would want people to find the blog, so it would be sort of a bummer if it wouldn't come up in tag searches, but rules are rules.

  13. Dialog is meaningless considering that Mark has given this blogger specific instructions on this policy matter. And I'm at all clear as to how this link posting in any way assists samureye with the determination that staff has to make specific to his own blog.

  14. Gotta admit that I don't even know if I myself would call that mature. Granted it's adult material but I've read worse stuff in my high school library. Although I can see why the issue is being raised.

    The matter really should be discussed between you and staff. As Mark suggested, put up a couple dummy posts marked as private and send in the URLs for them into staff via feedback. If they're marked as private, they won't show up within the tag system nor on your blog.

  15. Timethief, are you always such a wet blanket?
    Oh and I think I made the owner of the blog I mentioned angry, just so she knows, i just drew and example and that was the only blog of that type that I read. :-/

  16. oh an thanks for the help, drmike

  17. @samureye
    (1) I hope you have followed Mark's instructions, although I note you have not said you have done so
    (2) I hope you aren't under the illusion that the support forum is a chat venue because that's not what it's for.
    (3) These are Mark's observations about Mature Blogs
    (4) If you would like to comment to Mark directly on his observations that can be done in one of three way. The first is to leave a comment on his blog and the other two ways are found in this thread
    (5) Although your blog shows not evidence of this yet, I hope in the future you will put as much energy into blogging as you have been into posting to the forum.

  18. 1) I'm asking to be informed, so I have no reason to do this. You won't really find anything like that on my blog.

    2) Nope, but we're people, not untrained monkeys (avatar aside).

    Thanks for the help, I understand this is quite an issue, one that is not really discussed here and we need to get feedback, but there's no harm in asking. Thanks for the help, no reason you can't help and smile :)

  19. The internet provides a wealth of information backed by case law. Here's an example: The Legal Definition of Obscene

    Oh... and you're welcome. :)

  20. But this is "private" property so to speak, so it's WordPress that makes the shots. I'm not American so that link doesn't apply to me, sorry! Remember, the internet isn't America. People forget that.

  21. "Remember, the internet isn't America. People forget that."

    I'm not helping but I think I like the way you said that. Are you from Asia?

  22. Haha, no, the Caribbean so I'm close enough to being in America, just no snow :p

  23. @samureye
    I did not allege that the inter-net was American. I do allege that the American law does apply to blogs hosted on wordpress and that all wordpress bloggers are contracting parties under the terms of the ToS. WordPress is owned by Automattic, an American corporation.

    But as you have stated above ... "I have no reason to do this. You won't really find anything like that on my blog." This then indicates to me that you are just "monkeying around" as this is not a support question but a policy and legal question so, once again I steer you to our KeyMaster Mark. Please send in a feedback and ask your question where it counts.

  24. Yes, I will, and wasn't <i>accusing</i> you of anything, it was just a general statement. I know better, just again, just saying things. Not attacking you or anything.

  25. @samureye
    I'm glad to hear that accusing attacking me wasn't the case so I don't have to put up a modlook tag.
    I'm also firmly convinced that you have been directed so many times to contact Mark now that you will not be so ill advised as to continue posting your "statements" to this thread.

  26. Just for reference the Terms of Service include a specific clause where WordPress bloggers agree to be bound by the laws of the United States on issues related to their blogs.

  27. That's because the servers reside here in the US.

    I think some folks need to relax a bit though.

  28. Why is timethief so two sided? One minute cool, the other so grouchy? And that's a good point, it's like I'm on private property here, so I'm abiding by whatever the rules here are. We've established that I should contact support, and I have no problem doing so, the support is excellent. Am I not supposed to post in my thread now or something? If that's the case, then I'll stop. You take things way too seriously, timethief. And I'm not attacking you, this is constructive criticism! Laugh, hug someone, anything!

  29. I have a very dry sense of humour ... lol ... and you're cracking me right up ... :D Have you found the off-topic forum yet or shall I point to it for you? {hint}

  30. Hear you loud and clear - btw - I'm no stranger to moderating forums, know exactly what I should and shouldn't be doing. Don't you just hate it when annoying new members tell you to do stuff? I sure do! /sarcasm

    Off topic it is!

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