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    I didn’t know where to ask this and tried doing a search but couldn’t find anything.

    Several of my posts have had an entry in the comment section from PressPosts.


    What is this….? I noticed that these were all WordPress blogs and have no clue.

    Could someone please explain….I was surprised to find that I had several posts that ended up over there and I don’t see any explanation over there as to what it is accept a place to vote on blog entries…

    A little confused…



    It’s a spam blog. They scrape (rip off) content from other blogs and post it on their own blog, usually with lots of advertising wrapped around them, purely for making money.

    Have a search in the forum for “spam blog”, “blog scraper” and “splog”.

    Will turn up lots of information that will help you.




    Ahhh…thank you so much!!!


    Ah, thankyou. I wanted to know too, as this happened to me today… What a pointless site.
    They had to take one of my crazy posts didn’t they, rather than an intellectual one?! :P

    Thanks for the information.




    No, it’s not a spam blog from what I can see; it’s actually a social bookmarking site like Digg or Stumbleupon, where people vote the stories they like up or down. I see they posted one of my stories, but only part of the first paragraph with a direct link to the rest and fully attributed with no ads.



    I also think it’s a splog blog. You did not join this social network and yet your post is appearing. Well it sounds a lot like my situation when that jerrym1980 fraudulently claimed my blog as his own at MYBLOGLOG. I think you should check into it.



    No, no. NO. Someone reads your blog and thinks “oh, that’s neat, I want to share it!” and they hit a button and submit it to this site. The site does not display your entire post, it only displays a few sentences of it, fully attributed with a link. This is to my mind superior to reddit and digg, whose referrers all too often appear to be less eloquent than the Tasmanian Devil (eg “is good ya.ya real good.”). Getting posted there is a good thing in my opinion and there is no advertising. It is not a splog. Please check it out before proclaiming it a splog:
    Here is their post:

    and here is my post, to which it refers. As you can see, it quotes less than 5% of the post.



    Hush my mouth. :~



    No probs. I have been known to jump to conclusions myself.



    Take a look at the Pressposts screenshot at my post:

    Pressposts did have “Ads by Google”, but they were withdrawn

    God knows what keeps them going, they have no revenue left to sustain their scraper site :-)



    IMO you are completely off-base here. Publishing an excerpt of your posts linked to your original blog posts on your blog is not “blog scraping”. Copying your blog posts in their entirety and failing to attribute them to yourself is “blog scraping”.

    Go to http://lorelle.wordpress.com and locate the post she has with step by step instructions of how to determine if your content has been stolen and what to do if your content is stolen.



    antwerp, have you read the thread you posted in? The consensus is that they’re not blog scrapers, they’re a referral social bookmarking site like reddit.



    Whatever you would like to call pressposts, their countless “contributers” (”Who voted for this post”) are fake: clicking them often renders an “Oops, what you’re looking for isn’t here”.

    Pressposts will soon have to fold: they lost their “ads by Google” and have not one single source of revenue left.

    A “referral social bookmarking site”? Don’t thinks so. The genuine ones don’t have countless fake “contributers” (”Who voted for this post”)? and they don’t hide behind a registration by proxy. Ever tried to contact Pressposts?

    Try registering with them (in case you still believe it’s a “referral social bookmarking site”): it’s impossible to put a post up once you have joined.

    But don’t worry, the problem will resolve itself, as soon as they run out of money to pay for their anonymous domain registration at Dreamhost ;-)



    Believe me, if you’ve been around Digg for any length of time, you come to know that PressPosts isn’t the only site with a sock puppet mob.



    Looks like a digg clone to me.

    Hmm, I just realized that you could probably do that with regular wordpress and one of those voting plugins. Hmm….



    I for one welcome our new clone overlords. I’m actually working on a post about how short the useful and honest half-life of these sites is. MUCH shorter than they think. Much, MUCH shorter than their venture capitalists think. Reddit is approaching this point, Digg has passed it. And the solution is to have New ones.


    Relieved to know that am not alone in this bafflement.. Been receiving ‘PressPosts’ comments of late, too.
    Guess will take it in stride (Thanks to *raincoaster’s encouraging comments) for now.
    Thanks all, take care & Wishes,



    yeah mine too its appearing there…is there any way i can control that??



    No, you cannot prevent people from recommending you on social bookmarking sites, any more than you can prevent them from talking about you. I suppose you could set your blog to private, but that’s rather extreme.



    Mostly, I’m amused that no matter what my topic actually is, it is categorized by Press Posts as “food.”
    This is especially amusing when it happens to be a post about maggots. :D

    Of course, because my blog author name is “bug girl” I also get picked up by a variety of girlie webcam sites. Probably the most disappointing click-through ever for someone ;)

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