What is reblogging, and how do I put such as "latest"?

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    I want to re-post an earlier story with the “update” as the lead.

    The blog I need help with is vincentyettes.wordpress.com.






    I don’t believe that we can reblog our own posts. Even if we could reblogs are only 128 words or 512 characters in length.

    Would you like to try this approach instead?

    1. Edit the original post and add the update lead to the content already in it. Do not change the datestamp as the post has already been indexed by Google and other search engines so you do not want to break that link.

    2. Then publish a new post as an announcement post with “Update (title of original post)” and include a link to the updated post in it. That will display in your posts RSS feed to notify your subscribers. It will also be indexed by Google and other search engines.
    example: original post’s title is “My dog has fleas”
    new post’s title is “Update: My dog has fleas”

    3. If you want to draw casual visitors’ to your blog attention to that very short new update post that consists of a couple of sentences and a link to the original post, make it a sticky post for a short while and then remove the sticky designation.

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