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What is "Surprise me" & "This post is super-awesome" ? (☚‿☚)

  1. What is "Surprise me" & "This post is super-awesome" ? (☚‿☚)

  2. "Suprise me" will get you a video of fireworks going off in China randomly after posting and is kind of annoying. - probably best to disable.

    "This post is super-awesome" doesn't seem to anything but make feel happy after I checking and posting.
    I check after everypost, right before I publish.

  3. I agre 100% with dlager and have diabled this silly feature.

    See >
    To disable this go to your Dashboard > Users> Personal Settings page, uncheck the appropriate box, and click "save".

  4. oh.. I never saw a video after posting.. (slow internet) (╯︵╰,)
    Thanks all !! (◠‿◠)

  5. It's just kid's stuff. It's not eseential to your blogging at all.

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