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What is that option in text editor to change font and add colors?

  1. I read somewhere long back on your forums, that one of guys replied that by hitting Alt + Space or something else which will bring an additional bar of formatting in the text editor.

    Could you tell me which are those keyboard buttons? I tried but couldn't get it work.


  2. it's ALT + B, i think.

    did try u searching this on the faq?

  3. Great. Thanks. I got it.

    Kudos to you.

  4. Hi
    I have just installed Firefox 2.0, the latest version. My problem is that I can no longer add color to my text or any of the other choices in the additional bar.
    ALT+B opens my bookmarks dropdown menu. And ALT+V drops down the view menu. Has anyone else had this problem since switching? Because I think it may be linked to it. Actually I have fiddled with trying ALT+ with all keys, and no go. Help please.
    I'm not well versed at HTML at all.
    *Sigh :(

  5. Thank so much timethief. :) I am no HTML wiz, by a long shot but I apprieciate your help anyways.

    I just opened up my blog in (yikes)IE 7 and ALT+V brings down the bottom half of the rich text editor options. I must of been right in assuming Firefox 2.0 had something to do with it. Is it ever going to be compatible with's rich text editor?? Good God I hope so, I hate the thought of using IE. lol But at least for now I have a work around.

    Thanks again
    Wishing I had stuck with both IE 6 and Firefox 1.5 a.k.a.velvethammer

  6. firefox has issues
    and I can't be bothered with the text rich editor issues. I shut it off on all my blogs and I use the regular editor along with BlogDesk - it works for me! :)

  7. It's Alt-V or Alt-Shift-V (if Alt-V brings down the view toolbar menu)

  8. Thanks timethief for you time and efforts. :)
    And engtech you saved me from having to blog in IE. You have made my day! In Firefox 2.0 I need to use the ALT+Shift+V shortcut.

    *velvethammer bows down to the experts. ;)

  9. I came over hunting for this info for Firefox 2.0. Glad to know of the alternative! And it works!

  10. Why is firefox 2.0 doing that default thingy with the alt things?

    I cannot use any of the wordpress alt shortcuts without including the shift as part of the shortcut.

    Is there any way to override that?

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