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What is the A Record IP address for ?

  1. Hi .. My 10 year old NZ ISP provider.. has finally explained to me.. exactly WHY they heve never been able to get my fully paid NZ Top Level Domain Name .. aimed into my wordpress blogsite .. even though they have been ripping me off at a hugely expensive monthly renewal rate .. ever since November 2002 when I registered my NZ Domain Name.

    Apparently -- (as I was told today) .. they have never allowed any domain holder to have their Domain Name "aimed" into any C Record... sub-domain blogsite..

    And .. they ( & don't even offer the option of a hosted LANDING PAGE -- which has always meant .. that my NZ Top Level Domain Name .. .. has done & thus always will do ..
    It simply goes off the radar & dissappears when searched.. instead of "aiming" into WordPress... (where I currently run some 19 blogsites) ..
    All I need -- is the exact IP "A" record... for:

    As sadly -- my quoting the URL is NOT sufficient for them... They ( & "specifically" need the A record - as a fixed IP address

    The blog I need help with is

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