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What is the background music to your life?

  1. Things have been getting a little heavy here in Off Topic - so I thought I would add to the mindless entertainment for a little fun.

    If you life was a movie - what music would they be playing in the background right now?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. phoenixtearsheal

    lol that's a good question
    I think this this describes me :)

  3. Very nice - Star Trek just makes it better.

  4. Here is mine for tonight...

    Coming back to life

  5. Hmmmmmmmm - I think this one!

  6. A hard question.

    Maybe this one:

  7. Although Dovesgold song is perfect ;)

  8. @teamoyeniyi - I have never heard Seal before - this was stunning.

    At the risk of posting too much, here is my background music for this morning:

    Times They are a-Changing

  9. This Morning

    Somewhere in Time Theme

    Chances are, I'd want John Barry to do my Whole Life's Soundtrack, he is simply Amazing

    Most known for his work in the James Bond Films, as well as "Out of Africa", which was Amazing... And Dances With Wolves

    Eh, I'll probably do a Post about Him, he's my Favorite Film Composer


  10. @darkjade68 - I LOVE that movie; I didn't know anyone else even remembered it. I am off to find all his soundtracks now...

  11. Pachebel's Canon in D Minor --a well-known baroque classical piece ....from the 16th or 17th century. Pieces have been used for commercials.

    I choose this because it has several personal layers of meaning:

    My dead sister's favourite classical music piece.
    It was a piece that 2 of my other sisters each played for their wedding march.
    For me the building of crescendo in music is like life....sometimes life is sad, joyous, rises in exhaltation and falls to rise again.

    And above alll.....for me, it is the sensation of it feels like to cycle or snowshoe slowly towards a mountain that rises and becomes more and more enormous and more, magnificent with the sun either rising or setting behind it.

  12. here is the piece: and turn up speakers, be a bit patient.

  13. @Maid Grew up listening to that, my Mom used to play it all the time... Lovely


  14. phoenixtearsheal

    This morning it was wolves and thunder :)

  15. @maidiebike I've always loved that piece, thanks for posting it :D

    And yeah Russell Watson rocks dove.

  16. ooh I do love Canon in D

  17. Canon in D is a lovely selection, but, alas, mine is the Dora the Explorer theme song

    Grab your backpacks!
    Let's go!
    Jump in!

    You can lead the wa-ay!

    My God, put me out of my misery. Please.

  18. Currently, e-dubble, an indie rapper.

    This song in particular:

  19. theinsanityaquarium

    I seem to end up dancing to this every time I go out, so I'm saying this is my background music. Although if that was literal I'd never get anything done... too much dancing!

    Also maybe throw some metalcore in there. But only when my ass is too tired from bumping.

  20. I think if I had to pick one as a definitive choice it would be The Replacements, specifically their record Tim. Their songs give musical life to the feeling of not being sure what your supposed to do with your life so you just go for it. Pure "pissin' in the wind", "devil may care" music.

  21. Right now, 'Things Can Only Get Better'. Since new year things have been a bit dodgy.

  22. The album I'm playing right now: U2 The Best Of 1990-2000. Kinda sad they haven't done much earthshaking stuff since then but they have not.

  23. When I'm writing, it's either Dead Can Dance who are absolutely brilliant, or Arvo Pàrt cd. Both go so well with so many scenes.

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