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What is the bare minimum?

  1. I am a newbie blogger wading in this enormous mound of help, tutorials, video's, support etc. I am wondering what is the bare minimum experienced bloggers would recommend I focus on that should definitely be on my page to start. For example - what widgets are the bare minimum, how many posts a week is the bare minimum, should i immediately be using links, what is the bare minimum exposure I should definitely do to start. etc etc. Its great all these resources, but a simple sheet of "the minimum you gotta have on your page is..." I got stuff on my page that I have no idea what it does yet and need the time to learn what it does while blogging before I put it on my page i.e. meta. Someone help? I respect it is a tall order.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are no bare minimums and apples to oranges comparisons aren't very useful. Instead I think you should examine this list of the steps you can take to increase traffic to your blog and make your choices as you go.

    Here are 25 basic steps to take to increase traffic to your blog:
    1. Structure a reader and search engine blog;
    2. In blogging content is king create unique, high quality content so publish fresh content frequently;
    3. Learn basic SEO so you can use keywords effectively and apply basic SEO to your headlines, blog and posts;
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.
    4. Make your blog posts look professional;
    5. Create at least 4-6 pillar posts and continue to create pillar posts;
    Pillar posts are also referred to as flagship content. Pillar posts are comprehensive posts that offer great value to readers as the contents are timeless in nature. They define you as having authority in the niche you blog in.
    6. Select and link to appropriate anchor text;
    7. Leave meaningful comments on related blogs and encourage comments on your own blog;
    8. Develop relationships with other bloggers so you can build a blog readers’ community around your own blog;
    9. Support the blog centered communities on related blogs by commenting on them and promoting posts from them;
    10. Link to authoritative sources in your posts;
    11. Deep link to your earlier related posts in your new posts;
    12. Assign appropriate categories and tag your posts with care;
    13. Link to related authoritative blogs in your blogroll;
    14. Provide RSS feeds for subscribers;
    RSS (Rich Site Summary or really simple syndication) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.
    15. Having a well designed theme is important, evaluate your theme for effectiveness, and if required, create a new header, make improvements or replace your theme and reduce page loading time;
    16. Avoid cluttering your blog with widgets that lack reader value and slow page loading time;
    17. Buy your own domain and domain mapping;
    18. Verify your blog with the three big search engines.
    19. Get organized, use an online to do list by developing a blogging workflow;
    20. Join social networks and social media sites like Facebook and use Twitter, Friendfeed and other Free RSS directories to promote your blog posts;
    21. Promote your blog through social networks, online groups, and selected directories;
    22. Develop a social media time management strategy and stick to it;
    23. Submit your latest pillar article to a blog carnival;
    24. Become a guest blogger on sites with higher page rank than your own site.
    25. Create newsletters and/or ebooks for your subscribers.
    P.S. I have tutorials on the blog linked to my username on how to do the foregoing.

  3. @toplessdriver - your blog, however you blog, whatever you blog about, is your blog. It is a representation of your own personality. How many widgets, how many posts, etc, will depend entirely on what you want for your blog. It does take a while for any new blogger to get used to blogging, to the site upon which they're blogging, to their blogger, to their readers (and getting readers) and to their commenters.

    I had a look at what you've got so far and it looks fine to me. Just keep going as you are, let your blog grow with you, and you with it, and you'll do just fine.

    Some people post several times a day - that's too much for me to read, but some people like it. Some people only post occasionally. If someone doesn't post enough, I lose interest - but then again, other people like it.

    I know there is a lot to read, a lot to learn, a lot to absorb and a brief version would be a great thing to have, but if you just take your time, don't rush it, learn a bit here, a bit there, you'll get to where you want to be in a much better state than by trying to cram it all into your head like you're trying to do exams!

    The best thing to do is to read other people's blog, see what you like about theirs, what works for you, and apply that to your own blog. Look at what you don't like about other people's blogs and have a good hard look at whether you've any of those things in yours and maybe remove them.

  4. I am amazed at speed of response to questions. I do not feel so alone in my quest. Thank you so much. One more question at this time. Is it recommend to always use hyperlinks? Does it generate traffic and is it ok to do it? Is it recommended to always do it? Puzzled. Thanks.

  5. Is it recommend to always use hyperlinks? Does it generate traffic and is it ok to do it?

    What's recommended it to link to directly related posts in blogs with the highest authority in your own niche. Does that tend to increase traffic? Yes to some degree it does. It also helps to establish your authority in your niche, provided you actually post meaningful comments on posts in blogs with the highest authority in your own niche.

  6. Thank you all. I will work through the 25 and take it easy and let the blog grow as I do. It does feel like I am cramming for an exam. I was a little surprised to have the blog immediately available to the public but here I go." Break a leg" I think would be the best expression. Again - thank you.

  7. You're welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)

  8. Anyone know how to do #18?
    Also, I am working on 8 & 9 right now. . . looking for other dogs who blog!

  9. WOOF woof WOOF. Pant pant pant.

    Translated into human:

    Number 18 instructions are here:

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