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What is the best blog you ever read?

  1. What is the best blog you ever read, any why?
    A link to it would be much appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Easily this one, The Trouble With Young People Today

  3. obviously this one :D

  4. this one instead the above link didnt work.

  5. Your own blog!!!!!!!!! dats not fair :-(

  6. Don't just give me the blog, I also asked


  7. I agree with @tltcl Crabby old fart is hilarious. He's, well, crabby, and has a problem with young people. And he's old. The name says it all.

    I also like Let Me Start By Saying.... Fantastic writer, funny, sarcastic, and honest.

  8. I'm with Momfog and tltcl - but of course both of theirs are great too!

    Momfog is great because she calls it like it is, even when her house burnt down.

    Tltcl has such a wonderfully unique perspective on the world and does some great interviews with other bloggers!

  9. The best blog I ever read was called Chimera House, and was written by someone with Multiple Personality Disorder; each character blogged his/her day so that they could all keep track of where the car keys were, what they had for lunch (whether they'd eaten!) etc. It was fascinating.

  10. Raincoaster's. No one else serves up mummified fairies and Cthulhu in the way she does!

  11. I visited so many blogs But The blog of Tess impressed me a lot. I was looking for some different recipes to cook. I tried a few but could not cook them like her ones. In fact I can not cook anything well.

  12. I don't suppose that blogs still around is it Raincoaster?

  13. Crabby Old Fart is just a character, not a real person. That's why it is inspired writing.

    Thanks for your kind words Robyn (TeamO). You say 'wonderfully unique perspective' but in real life people accuse me of being negative! Just because I question things...

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