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What is the best theme for a podcast site?

  1. i see mentions on the web to pod press, a plug in for wordpress sites. is this unauthorized? Do the sites support a podcasting blog? I would like people to be able to download the podcast into itunes. Is this possible on wordpress?
    Blog url:

  2. The podPress plugin is available for self-hosted sites using WordPress, available at

    For more information on the difference between and, please see:

    However, you can certainly add your podcasts to your site. There are a few ways to add audio to your blog, all of which are outlined here:

    Regarding themes, all of our themes allow for the use of audio. If you'd like a few suggestions, would you mind letting me know what type of style you're looking for and how you would like to display your podcasts? I'd be happy to let you know a couple of layouts that might fit your needs!

    You can browse through all of our themes in the Themes Showcase:

  3. Thanks, How much of a space upgrade do I need to do a series of 1/2 hour to 45 minute podcasts. I did purchase an upgrade but it is still not letting me upload w4m but i am assuming it takes time to take effect?

  4. OK, I have gotten the space upgrade and uploaded the file AND put the player in, but now its just saying "buffering" for about nine million hours. What am i doing wrong?

  5. Hm, I'm afraid I don't see any MP4 files in your Media Library. Did you remove the podcast?

    If so, would you mind letting me know if you're using the flash or browser/HTML uploader?

    Additionally, are you seeing "Buffering" when attempting to play the file on your page or in the Media Library?

  6. well, i just tried uploading it from my post. I clicked upload audio and then selected the file from my computer and then chose "none" so the media player would appear. I tried it using both uploaders. then the media player appeared on my post and when i clicked play, i just get the buffering. I will try to see how to upload the file into the library.

  7. i looked in the library. there are now 4 copies of it (called "test") in the media library.

  8. it's not MP4 it's M4A

  9. i just attached it to the post and tried playing it again. and it's just buffering!

  10. I'm sorry for the confusion, in order for it to embed and play in our player, the file will need to be an MP3.

  11. But the upgrade says that i can upload MA4 files. So I can upload them but they will not play? I don't get it. What is the point?

  12. You can upload them, which would allow folks to download them, but the player requires MP3s.


    "Only mp3 audio files can be played on the WordPress audio player. This is a Flash limitation."

  13. ok, thanks. seems that wordpress is not compatible with many itunes requirements. thanks.

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