What is the best theme to use for people to contribute?

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    I am not sure if I need to build a separate website, but I have created a FORUM using WordPress and I would like people to be able to “join” the forum easily so that they can contribute and discuss the articles. Here is an example of a website that is similar to what I want to do http://www.momnbaby.com/. My question is: can I do this type of thing with WordPress (maybe a custom theme using my own hosted domain) or do I need to get the whole thing built and hosted and just have the blog as an extra?

    I really appreciate any assistance – I am hoping to attract many thousands of users in the future so I need to get it right and I have so far found WordPress very easy to use.

    The blog I need help with is changingwomen.wordpress.com.



    The only forum-like theme we have available for use on WordPress.com is the P2 theme, which allows inline, realtime comments from the front page as well as the only theme allowing *any* WordPress.com user to post, if you select that option under theme options. P2 is a rather eccentric theme in terms of media. But, P2 is not the same as a full forum.

    Some people host a forum outside of WordPress.com entirely and then link to it from their navbar using a Custom Menu.

    For full functionality and integration of a full forum in a website (like your example), your best option is to indeed host independently of WordPress.com.



    Hi justjennifer, thanks so much for that fantastic advice! You have given me some valuable information to add to my design and communication strategy. thanks again!




    Thanks auxclass, fantastic!! Now to work out if I should host the new site straight up (which would be http://www.changingwomen.com.au) and create one of the forum’s you suggested and rebuild my current blog in wordpress.org.



    I think so. If you truly want thousands of contributors, you will quickly outgrow the basic WP.com parameters, and the VIP program here like ICanHasCheezburger has start at $600 per month.

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