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What is the best way to use "Zazzle Store Builder" on WordPress

  1. I would like to use "Zazzle Store Builder" on WordPress: For example like:
    I can't do it on my site. Can I do it if I upgrade to Or do I need to do more?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, you can't. is not a suitable platform for ecommerce. You could link to a zazzle store, but if the staff decide that the whole point of the blog is to direct traffic to the zazzle store, they'll shut down the blog.

  3. I do realise I can't do it from my platform - I was hoping you could point me in the direction of how I could do using any of your upgrades. Thanks

  4. It can't be done. That involves basically scraping a feed into a blog, and that's disabled.

    You can do it easily with, but you can't do it at all with

  5. None of the upgrades change the Terms of Service that @raincoaster referred to or changes the code that will or will not work - @raincoasters answer stands

  6. Thanks! :)

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