What is the blogging jargon for a folder?

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    All my posts are on one page – to allow viewers to scroll through – to pick and choose what interests them

    I’m a scroller – I don’t want to keep on clicking on things to read them!
    The time has come when it takes too long to upload my blog as there are to many posts on the front page
    I believe i only have a front page!

    So i would like to remove many of the similar subject posts – like Xenophobia – and put them all into a folder with the same name – which one would click on to see all the posts on that subject

    I am aware of categories – and i find them very useful when i’m looking for a post but they all show up at the end of my blog and this does not resolve the hitch that all the posts are on the front page

    Anyone understand what i’m talking about?
    Am dim on the blogging front – i need help!

    have looked in manage posts
    i see a filter – am terrified to touch it!

    what’s a [post?] filter?
    [in manage posts]
    I know all about photographic filters
    they change the colour balance
    how does this apply to blogging?
    sounds very interesting


    You can limit the number of post shown on the blog pages by going to manage > reading and changing the number there. In essence, assigning categories puts your posts in separate folders which you can get to by clicking on a category name in the sidebar.

    There is also the archives widget which will allow people to look at older posts by month.

    If you plan on keeping a large number of posts on the blog pages, I would suggest using a theme where the widgets are in a sidebar beside the posts. With so many posts shown on the blog pages, I doubt many of your readers even know the categories, recent entries and archives widgets are even down there.


    The “filters” in the manage posts pages simply limit what is shown in the post table by published date and/or categories.



    thanx thersacredpath
    i’m going to have to reduce my categories
    what are the implications of that?
    will i have to revisit/edit each post to re-categorise them?
    i’m feeling depressed now
    this is why i like folders

    select the post and choose a category for it
    will i have to delete all the categories i’ve chosen for each post in this case
    i don’t think i’m getting it am i?


    You don’t necessarily have to reduce the number of categories, it just means that a particular post will show up in more than one category page. My suggestion is to categorize your posts in a way that makes sense to you and leave it at that. If that means each post is assigned to only one category, then that is OK, and if it means that the post is assigned to several categories, that is alright as well.

    Basically the functionality you are describing would be like having several blogs within a blog, and that is not something that is possible at wordpress.com.




    blogs with in a blog……….ummmm
    not possible with wordpress – boo whooo

    thanx for yr time


    You’re welcome, and happy blogging.

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