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What is the country abbreviated as "AP" in WordPress "Views by country stats"?

  1. Today, while checking my blog stats, i noticed that a "flag less" country titled "AP" is shown in my stats. While the country name "AP" is clicked, none of the countries in the accompanying world map gets highlighted. So, what is this AP and why is this shown as a separate "country" ? The first full form of AP which comes to my mind is Associate Press!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In this case, AP appears to refer to a generic military territory.

  3. @macmanx Thanks for the reply, but can you please elaborate on what you mean by a "Generic military Territory" ?

  4. Any territory which is military controlled, but potentially not in a physical/originating country, like a US military base in foreign/neutral territory for example.

  5. So, if someone from a military base in Afghanistan, views by blog, it is listed as AP. Am i correct?

  6. Yes, that is correct.

  7. onesmallstitch

    my views by country in my stats hasn't been working for approx. 1 week. is this temporary? is it being worked on? this is my second email with no answer - not exactly what I would call "support"!

  8. Just like AP, i am seeing new flagless country icons named CW and EU.. Common wealth and European Union? What is wrong with stats these days??

  9. +1

  10. AP is not Anonymous Proxy ???

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